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152Instead of going to church, the mayor of Houston wants to seize pastor’s sermons to learn whether or not they disagree with her position on a particular issue. Doesn’t matter what the issue is, the fact that any governmental agency resorted to such draconian measures should cause you to take notice. For years the left has told the church to ‘bag it’ when it comes to state affairs and yet the government, in this case the City of Houston, believes it can stick it’s nose where it has no constitutional authority. Not so fast, madame.

This is tyranny. It never stops and will continue devouring our rights unless people become actively involved. I’m going to provide you with an example from our history on what happens when minister’s stand in defense of liberty.

The man is Rev James Caldwell of Union, New Jersey. If you’re 501c church then rest easy, go about your business with “the name it and claim it, bless me clubs.” You have nothing to fear, because it’s likely you’ll continue ignoring the issues of the day. You have become like the churches of the Nazi era, singing louder and louder during their services in order to drown out the screams of captive jews as trains passed by.

Caldwell was called the “Fighting Parson” and because the Crown was out to kill him he preached with a loaded pistol on each side of his pulpit. In June of 1780, British troops under the command of Hessian General Knyphausen raped and pillaged their way across New Jersey.

After failing to persuade his wife Hannah to leave town for a safer location, Mr. Caldwell rode off to join Continental forces in the area. Refusing to leave, Hannah Caldwell said of invading troops, “They will respect a mother.” (1).

She was dead wrong!

Numerous accounts indicate a British sniper was dispatched to the Caldwell home. After she finished nursing her child a shot came through the window andcolor seal struck her, killing the mother of nine instantly. Troops entered the home and dragged her body into the streets where her dress “was cut open and her pockets were rifled by the soldiers.” (2)

The Caldwell house along with many others was burned to the ground. This is what those who love liberty can look forward to when standing against a despotic band of thugs. The fight is not for the weak, but for guys and gals whose lives are firmly rooted in Christ, fully aware that through Him “we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28).

Fear is something no army, including God’s army, can tolerate before entering the fray (Judgs 7:1-3).

However, once a decision has been made to stand against tyrants, you can bet things will get ugly. You may also suffer the same fate as the family of Pastor James Caldwell.

But take heart in this, you’re invincible until God calls you home…

(1), Hannah Caldwell, (2) Ibid. (Other sources were The Light and The Glory by Peter Marshall and David Manual and Dan’s American Revolution blog. Note: The Seal of Union County NJ depecits the murder of Hannah Caldwell).

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  1. Deborah Says:

    This is important Steve. Have you considered taking an extreme step, and mailing a copy of this to every Pastor in Troy/Roch for starters??

    And here’s what I really want to know: why haven’t you run for office? You clearly have a knowledge of HIStory, which would put you light years ahead of many :-( You obviously have the passion and even more importantly, because of your love of the Word who is your Lord, you are a man of integrity.

    Just askin’, coz me thinks it should be on your radar 😉 Love ya bro’!

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