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0324border05Don’t be fooled. Marxist’s want to divert attention off the Inspector General Report to make us think the border issue is the hot topic of the week. It isn’t – and I think you already know that.

The Justice system has become the plaything of the left, a political operation that abuses the rule of law, which is the definition of tyranny.” (1)

The Inspector General report exposed media outlets giving gifts to FBI agents in exchange for leaks, proving they are corrupt and do nothing to defend the freedom of the press. Meanwhile, James Comey was justifyably fired for his insubordinate, corrupt behavior, and should have been fired before Trump was elected.” (2)

Paul Manafort is being held in solitary confinement for his own safety, after Judge Burman-Jackson revoked his bail following witness tampering allegations by Special Counsel Mueller. This escalation in his treatment is no doubt another attempt to pressure Manafort into cooperating with Mueller, who was originally arrested when agents with guns drawn ripped him from his home on process crimes.” (3)images-1

The destruction of due process accellerated under the last administration. When you fight back as Manafort has done Marxist’s will unleash their power, sending their prosecutor’s after you with everything they’ve got (See Isaiah 59:14-15).

If they can do it to guys like Manafort, Michael Flynn and Carter Page, they can do it to us. Don’t think they can’t.oops20russia

The reason the Immigration/Border issue is in the news is because Marxist’s want the Inspector General’s Report, although weak, to be gone. All because a few thugs holding prominent positions in government manufactured crimes to go after a duly elected president.

We’re being treated like people who live under the boots of dictators and the media is complicit – no longer looking for truth but out to push the new globalist agenda. That’s why they’re against border security. Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton are in it up to the ears, but don’t look for Madame Clinton to be prosecuted.

Why? Because they’ll have to go after Obama to get Clinton – and no one in Washington has the stomach to go after the first black president even though his adminstration will go down as one of the most, if not the most corrupt in history.

Political correctness has infested America. If you’re from a certain ethnic group you’ll get a pass. Hell, we don’t even call the war by it’s right name because we don’t want to offend Muslims.

Time will show just what a stuffed suit, a complete fraud Obama was – but by then it could be too late. Both parties need a cleansing, but the Dems have really gone overboard.

They favor N. Korea over America, protecting Hamas over Israel and America, MS-13, Iranian Mullahs, are against waterboarding Islamic fascists, they love anarchists and always take the sides of those opposing the Christian faith. (4)

Delayed D-Day Tribute – In May I found myself in Central Virginia. On the way “outta Dodge” I decided to drive through the town of Bedford, Virgina – home of the National D-Day Memorial. Time prohibited me from stopping, but I would invite you to go to a search engine and check out the site to learn why it’s there. Also punch in the words Bedford Boys and you’ll see what I mean.

You’ll be humbled.intro-slide

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