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Shall your brothers go to war while you sit here? Moses to the Israeli people in Numbers 32:6

S/Sergeant Rayn Jeschke – Marines



S/Sergeant William Woitowicz – Marines



Gunnery┬áSergeant Daniel Price – Marines



Sergeant Kyle B. McClain – Army

Kyle McClain

SPC Josh D. Brown – Army



Private Byron Fouty – Army



S/Sergeant Andrew C. Seif – Marines


Captain Andrew R. Houghton – Army



1/LT Adam Malson – Army




Sergeant James S. Collins Jr. – Army



These ten men are connected to people, in one way or another, who attend church with me. Who knows there may more that have been killed that I’m not aware of. The Marines are all connected to my son’s unit. Some will forget. Maybe you will forget. Let’s never forget what these men died for and the angusih their families must feel.

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  1. Karon Houghton Mathews Says:

    I weep with gratitude, that God has so blessed this nation with men and women willing to fight and die for our liberties. I kneel and weep for the families who have an empty seat at the dining table or picnic blanket, not just this holiday but all the holidays to come. Thank you for remembering Andy.

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