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iu-1What we saw at the White House last week is the way government business should be conducted – in front of the voters. 

This was uncomfortable for the timid, and I’ll put a number of Christians in the mix, because they don’t like it when their President acts this way.

In a strategic move, Trump put Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi in front of the cameras and then embarassed them by showing they really don’t want border security.

They were the proverbial ‘deer in the headlights’, begging for a private conversation – even though Madame Pelosi promises transparency when the new Congress is seated in a few weeks.

Trump shot back; “Okay, fine, let’s do some transparency here in the meeting,and Pelosi wanted no part of it, she wanted it stopped. She didn’t like the set of facts Trump was using. (1)

All this from the lady who was part of the conspiracy that met in the dead of night, behind closed doors, and then jammed the health care “law” down our throats.

Remember her walking down main street in DC carrying a large gavel after “the law” was passed? I do.

If we’re to believe her on transparency, she owes the public answers on the “slush fund” set up to pay those sexually harassed by members of congressmen.

We’re seeing a President who isn’t afraid to lead, telling the Left he’s ready to take the heat by shutting the doors of government.

The elites and many of us in grass roots, aren’t used to this type of power play. But, it’s needed.

He was just schooling them and telling them the way things have to be, the way things are gonna be, and reminding them that any shutdown is gonna be on them. He’ll happily take the credit for it, reminding Pelosi she’s not a lock for Speaker of the House election for the Democrats. (2)

There’s a reason why President Trump called Schumer and Pelosi to the WH and set them in front of the camera’s for all to see.


Rush weighed in; “You know, what does Trump have? What leverage does he have? We don’t know.

We know that he’s sitting on documents, classified documents about the Russia investigation that apparently are dynamite and will blow the lid off a whole lot of people and careers, and we’ve been told that he’s waiting to release all of this for his reelection effort in 2020.

He doesn’t want to release it too soon. He doesn’t want it to not work when he releases it. I don’t know if any of the classified data he’s holding involves Schumer or Pelosi or would frighten them enough about the impact it would have on the Democrat Party.” (3)

Think sealed indictments and military tribunals over the real Russian Collusion the media isn’t covering.

It’s where Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, “Brokered a deal with Uranium One, a Canadian Company with U.S. interests, to Russia. This taking place while Bill Clinton is in Russia earning hundreds of thousands of dollars for speeches.

Because, you’ve seen the Clinton’s tour, right? I mean, who wouldn’t pay them hundreds of thousands of dollars? Or maybe buy the “2 for 1 Groupon”.  They couldn’t even do that! They had to cancel all their (U. S.) shows.”

Bill was getting paid hundreds of thousands while Hillary was brokering the Uranium One deal. But, who had to sign-off on it?

Well, you had to have all the high level government officials. Who was FBI Director at that point? Oh, it was Robert Mueller!DkrERydXsAsnvXC

And who was his deputy? Oh, it was James Comey! These were all players in the actual Russian Collusion, The Uranium One Deal.

Brought to you by these same folks that were all part the other conspiracy, right around that window of time, that took place in Benghazi.

These are people that would find a crappy You Tube video that had been sitting out there for about a year, and use that to try and cover-up tracks for a terrorist attack in the death of Americans. And then, try to ruin the life of the crappy video guy.

This is all part of the bad magician stuff they’re engaged in. It’s all out there in the light of day.  The difference is, with your media so focused on their agenda which is clearly not the truth, its easy for all these pieces to be missed.

So this entire time, what’s been happening here? Well, of course, the game was in with Hillary Clinton winning.

James Comey certainly anticipated that was the outcome, right? That’s why he came out, violated his duty as FBI Director, fixed the Clinton investigation and ended up saying; ‘No reasonable person would prosecute what took place there for crimes.’ Then, he engaged in the Steele dossier deal.(4)

The elites have to keep the attention off themselves and turn it on Trump. They’re masters at this game. But as Rush say’s, Trump has something up his sleeve.

Keep thinking sealed indictments and military tribunals, people.

This didn’t originate with me, but came from people much smarter than I.

(1) Rush Limbaugh, “Trump Pounces on Chuck and Nancy in the Oval Office”, December 11, 2018,; The Rush Limbaugh Show on the EIB Network; (2) Ibid; (3) Ibid; (4) Brian Mudd, Guest Host on the Mark Levin Show Decmber 13, 2018.

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