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iu-2What Trump has done here is tactically really smart, and no one is gonna say it because no one’s gonna have the courage to say it (especially in the Beltway) because of the reaction they would get. But Donald Trump blindsided the swamp” last Wednesday. (1)

Chuck Schumer and Madame Pelosi didn’t think he had the votes in the House to get funding for border security. Trump proved them wrong, beat them again, while showing they don’t give a rip about national security.

DC is freaking out because “Here we have somebody elected to shake it all up — and that is exactly what’s going on. This is exactly what it looks like. This is what pushing back against the Washington establishment looks like. It was never gonna be pretty. It was never gonna be clean. It was never gonna be supported and so forth. But, man, there is panic.(2)

The so-called shutdown is a “charade”. Essential employees like the Military, Air Traffic Controllers, ICE and the VA for starters, are still on the clock. Checks for Vets, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid will still go out. The Military will get paid. (3)

DC Elites want us to believe we can’t get along without them. But, we can.

If we’re to believe that over 800,00 non-essential government employees will be idled, then we need to stop and consider just how big government has become.

Don’t sweat this “shut down”!iu-2

Weekly Standard – I like Bill Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard, and enjoyed listening to his point of view on a number of things. He’s a very intelligent man. First and foremost though, he’s an establishment player. His magazine started out as a good thing for conservatives “way back when”, but he’s never been able to accept the fact that Donald Trump was elected by us Lilliputians as President.

He became unhinged, joined “The Dark Side” and slammed President Trump constantly.iu-4

But there can be little doubt that the magazine’s editorial stanceall anti-Trump, all the time—played a large role in the loss of subscribers and advertisers that eventually led to the owner’s decision to end his financial support.

It does not require a marketing degree to know there would never be a large audience for a conservative magazine with a single-minded mission to bring down a right-leaning president. That audience was more or less what the editors banked on when they embarked on their anti-Trump editorial position even before he took the oath of office.

As the editors soon discovered, the market for their re-tailored magazine was an exceedingly small one. As one wag commented,why should conservatives pay good money for The Weekly Standard when CNN and the Washington Post will call us fascists for free.” That is harsh, but not all that wide of the mark. Conservatives did not subscribe to the Standard in order to read what their neighbors were hearing on CNN or reading in the New York Times.(4)

Donald Trump continues fighting for America and we’re constantly being fed the line by media that he’s losing.

However, as Mark Levin tells us, the real losers are the American people while elites ram things down our throats and unelected judges, like John Roberts, make asinine rulings on immigration that go against the will of the American people and the Constitution.iu

To quote the late, great Colonel Henry Blake; Robert’s is fast becoming “a pain in the petute” to the American people with his outrageous rulings.


Establishment players in the GOP “couldn’t care less about our sovereignty and safety” either. Mitch McConnell was busy attacking Trump last night over the resignation of Secretary Mattis rather than pounding Schumer over the border and challenging him to a Senate procedural duel.

President Trump could embarrass McConnell by sending Vice President Pence to preside over the Senate, which is his constitutional right. He can have an allied senator get the ball rolling by calling up the bill instead of McConnell. Trump must remember that his entire presidency is on the line. This is his moment. He must use the bully pulpit and every constitutional tool at his disposal to finally force a national debate over the integrity of our own borders. (5)

Remember what Rush told us in the beginning of this piece; “It was never gonna be pretty. It was never gonna be clean.iu-3

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