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boston-skylineThe United States has been attacked once again. The question is by whom?

As authorities gather clues we need to realize that America has its share of idiots capable of such things, the Timothy McVeigh types if you will.

DSC04565We also have the founders of the Weather Underground, Alinskyite radicals, in the persons of Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn still walking amongst us. The husband and wife duo declared war on America back in the 60’s, and plotted or carried out bombings on governmental institutions such as the NYPD headquarters, the Capitol and Pentagon in the early 70’s. They have gone on record to say they are committed to the annihilation of the country, while both enjoy prestigious positions at major college institutions today.tumblr_lkbxkmDyUb1qz9cy7o1_400

Last year, three men from Occupy Wall Street pled guilty after their plans to blow up a bridge in the Cleveland area were discovered.

There is also another enemy at large, one the media and the president are reluctant to call by name. The media and some from the administration are very quick to label Catholics, Protestants or any other Christian, along with members of our military, as extremists. However, they won’t risk offending the god of political correctness by calling Islamic jihadist’s what they really are.

Our president came out quickly, as he always does, asking us not to jump to conclusions so soon. Are we to follow his example after he made accusatory statements following the arrest of Henry Gates, or blaming a video for the Benghazi attack? I think not.

No matter who is responsible for this cowardly act, what you need to realize is that this attack was an attack against all that the United States stands for. We are in a state of war with those, whether foreign or domestic, who seek our destruction.

If the perpetrators are found to be of McVeigh’s ilk we will see the full weight of our government bearing down on them. They will be tried, convicted and executed in a speedy manner – and rightfully so.

Nidal-Hasan-jpg-220x220However, should they turn out to be people looking like Nidal Hassan, the person responsible for attacking and killing soldiers at Fort Hood, we’ll see the media, our commander-in-chief and others tripping over themselves to ensure none of their rights are violated. Instead of being treated as war criminals, they will be afforded all of the rights that one of our common criminals receives in a court of law.

The president promises to “get to the bottom” of this, and if the country gets answers in the same fashion the victims families in Benghazi and ‘Fast and Furious got,’ we’ll have received absolutely nothing.

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  1. Susan Fulcher Says:

    You are so right! I don’t believe anything the White House declares. Let’s pray the Boston Police Department has some sharp characters who,in spite of the governmental oversight, will be successful in nailing the culprit or culprits of this outrageous attack.

  2. Tom Kohlman Says:

    Great article. There is something definately wrong with our justice system as well as the rest of state and federal government. In my opinion, these small attacks do nothing more than take our focus away from the real moral problems that exist in the U.S. Actually, these attacks might be a bi-product of the moral problem that lies within the people of the U.S. If the attack was from a foreigner than its our fault for making it so easy for these idiots to come over and live in the U.S. If it was someone who was born and raised here than shame on us for giving them a reason to want to harm the people of the greatest country in all world history. My heart and prayers go out to the families who were effected by this senseless tragedy.

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