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tumblr_mfgen2taR51r2u8sso1_1280After the War for Independence was won, America was governed under the Articles of Confederation for the first eight years of its existence. George Washington and other prominent Founders, like James Madison and Thomas Jefferson, realized that if the young nation continued being governed under the Articles all they fought for in their quest to be free would be lost.

By 1784 the war debt grew to over forty-million dollars putting the nation at further risk. Washington didn’t take advantage of the country’s brittle situation, but instead put it and the people before his own his personal interests. On December 23, 1783, he resigned his military commission which effectively began the civilian control over the US Military. Prior to that, at least one man called for Washington to be made king, however, this was something he vigorously resisted and opposed. A few years later, a new Constitution was crafted and the nation has endured up to the present day. (1)images-1

Unlike Washington, President Obama and a whole host of other anti-gun politicians are promoting their own agenda by exploiting the tragic killing of people, many of them young children, in Connecticut last year.

Yesterday, the president stooped to an all-time low by inviting one of the mothers of one of the slain children to deliver his weekly address calling for stricter gun control measures.

Instead of securing our rights as found in the Bill of Rights, the president and many others are working (and using our money in the process) to take them away. The president and others are taking advantage of the grief these people are experiencing in order to push through a program that is not only unconstitutional, but despised by an overwhelming majority of Americans.

The people of Newton have been used to further a plan which seeks to remove firearms from the hands of every American – thus making us slaves under a despotic government. Remember, this is not about how many rounds your mag holds or whether or not your rifle has a pistol grip. These are the initial steps leading to the removal of all firearms from American society.

Meanwhile, the administration and others, including a complicit media, have buried Benghazi and the ‘Fast and Furious’ Operations. Both are enormous scandals where guns were delivered, with the blessing of the administration, into the hands our enemies resulting in the deaths of Americans who were serving their country at the time they were killed.

If we had representatives with the courage to put the country first as Washington did, they would use their office to get to the bottom of things. If so, it just might lead to articles of impeachment being drafted against the president, the end of the former secretary of state’s presidential dreams and quite possibly, imprisonment for others. But don’t hold your breath looking for any of this to happen.

If the president and his ilk, including the media, were really concerned about children they would be yelling from the rooftops out about the brutality committed by Kermit Gosnell, the butcher now on trail for murdering newborn children under the most heinous circumstances. Yet, we won’t hear a peep because this too furthers another agenda of the president under the banner of Choice.

The hypocrisy should outrage you, while at the same time compel all patriotic Americans to stand and put an end of this type of shenanigans coming out of Washington.


(1) Constitution 101: The Meaning and History of the Constitution; Hillsdale (MI) College Online course; The problem of Majority tyranny by Dr. David Bobb, Lecture 3   (Read the first article, Trial and Error)


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