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130419185629-67-boston-manhunt-0419-horizontal-gallery“Thine Alabaster cities gleam, undimmed by human tears!” From America the Beautiful

The late Peter Marshall, son of the famous Senate Chaplain by the same name, said Americans can no longer sing this verse with conviction because of the state we find ourselves.

Major American cities that once thrived lay in ruin today for a number of reasons. The decay of the family unit and the removal of God from the culture, our ultimate source of protection and prosperity, are two of them.

It’s been a long and difficult week for the nation, especially the citizens of Boston. The city, called the Cradle of Liberty, suffered a horrific attack.

A major American city was shuttered, reminding me of when the Israeli’s rolled into Jericho just before God got ready to level it. The townsfolk sealed the place up tight to no avail, because of fear. That’s what happens to people who have no regard for God and His rules.

On the other hand police officers at every level, as they always do, did a masterful job choking off all possible escape routes. In the end, by God’s grace, they got what they came for. Thank God for ‘Sheepdogs!’

One instance that showed our spiritual decline occurred after the incident ended, when people in the Boston vicinity threw a party. I realize they were relieved at hearing the news the threat had ended, however, did anyone stop and think Who made all of this possible?w-celebrateboston-042013

Did churches, like what happened after 911, stop and hold prayers services during the week requesting God’s intervention? Or did life inside your local church go on as usual? Did your pastor stop during the service today and make mention of the events this past week and then take a few minutes to bring God into focus?

America took another serious hit, but this time no one at the national level rose up to suggest we bring God into the picture, another reason why we’re seeing a breach in our defenses.

Our leaders, including the president who is the figurehead in government, have no room for God. Their actions and policies show disdain for Him, and when this happens we’re open to all kinds of trouble. Unfortunately, because of the policies being promoted by this administration we’ll most certainly shed more tears as a result of attacks like this, but I hope I’m wrong!

There are many unconfirmed rumors floating about as to what took place in Watertown, and we only have what the media chooses to report. Most likely we’ll never know what really happened last Friday. However, it would also be refreshing just once, to see President Obama get upset when Americans are killed instead of throwing tantrums when he doesn’t get his way. (1)

(1) Rush Limbaugh Show 4-18-13.






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  1. Susan Fulcher Says:

    I definitely agree with Rush’s comment in your article. I think, though, we must remember the “Church” is us– you and me. Did we stop each day, or many times during those days, to pray for the families of the dead, the injured, law enforcement whose lives were in danger and invoke God’s forgiveness on our country? Are we praying for our national, state and local government individuals. and every American-especially our President and members of Congress– that the meaning of the words of 2 Chronicles 7:14 fall upon the hearts of the citizens of our country? I believe it is time for individual believers to take up the weapons of God’s love, grace and mercy and begin our march for Him.

  2. Writer Says:

    I agree that all of us must do our part and pray. However, there was a time in America when churches came together, during national emergencies, and prayed. Now, I can’t say this isn’t occurring around the country, but over the last twenty years or so, I’ve seen a decrease where the church, the corporate body of believers, gathered to pray – at least in my sphere. I can’t even find a church to pray in during/on the National Day of Prayer either.

    Additionally, pastors used to set aside a portion of the Sunday morning service to bring their congregations before God – another practice that has gone by the wayside.

    Read the example in 2 Chronicles 32:1-8, when Hezekiah called the people to prayer. In this case it was a government official, something we lack in this hour, but the fact is a person in authority stepped up. Concentrate on vs 6-8. Note how he handled a national crisis. This is what’s needed right now.

  3. Kelly Says:

    Yes, friend, I agree! Hezekiah prayed a humble prayer and was heard by the LORD despite his sins and the later arrogance that brought his downfall.

    Sadly, his son Manasseh brought back the worst of idolatry even making his sons pass through the fire and practicing witchcraft and divination. Nevertheless even when Manasseh repented the LORD heard him and spared his kingdom even though his people remained divided in their allegiance to the LORD and still worshiped false gods on the side.

    Finally young King Josiah loved the LORD with all of his heart and soul and on the finding of the Book of the Law while repairing the Temple Josiah assembled all of Judah great and small and personally read the Law of the LORD aloud to his people – and conviction fell on them and they repented!

    Josiah renewed his covenant with the LORD, and all the people followed him in renewing the covenant and pursuing (and punishing) idolatry wherever they found it in the land. With the whole nation behind him he finally rid the land of idolatry and God gave Judah its last stay before administering His prophesied judgment on the infidelity of His people.

    Only God’s Word can bring the conviction needed to drive His people to their knees and to the work He has set before them – Christ’s work – seeking and saving the lost.

    Our pulpits need to be afire with the Word, exposing our apathy, arrogance and infidelities and how far away from God our hearts have moved and just how worldly we’ve become.

    We can work to change leaders in the U.S.A. and we can work to change laws, and we should! But unless hearts are changed it will all be for nothing. As with Judah, the next leader will just come along and return the nation to its wicked ways.

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