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1*l1H_R4vKxgMN3AJqgKgmeQWhen Donald Trump was asked if he’d accept the results if he lost the election, he kept us hanging.

His answer drove the Left bonkers causing Madame Clinton to feign outrage. However, as we all know, her response was nothing more than a charade because Marxists always accuse the opposition of doing what they’re exactly doing at the very moment.

The “big lie” according to Victor Davis Hanson is that Trump was in bed with Moscow when it was actually Obama and Hillary Clinton.26prexy2_cnd-blog480-v2

Donald Trump didn’t dismantle Eastern European missile defense, he didn’t go to Geneva and press a plastic red button, he didn’t make fun of Romney for saying Russia was an existential enemy, he didn’t have a hot mic exchange with the Russian president saying he would be ‘more flexible’ after the election.

The entire ‘Reset’ appeasement of Russia came from the Clinton-Obama team, not Donald Trump. And now we’re here.

And it is very unlikely generally, because he actually ran as a Jacksonian (Andrew Jackson), who was going to beef up U.S. defenses, and get tough with our enemies, our adversaries, our rivals abroad, so it wouldn’t be necessarily logical for Putin to want him to be president, yet here we are.

And I think the real message we’re missing is, that there was evidence that some people in the Obama administration had surveilled people either Trump himself, or around Trump, and that that information had either been reverse targeted diliberately… or incidentally, it didn’t matter because the names were unmasked and leaked to reporters.

So for the last six months, between this dossier, and this surveillance, we’ve had these illegal leaks, so if special investigator Mueller looks at the totality of this so-called “Russian collusion-surveillance” story, I think he will come to conclusions we don’t expect...” (1)

This happens every time voters elect a Republican president. Let’s take a look back to see what I mean:

The Left went after Nixon and destroyed his presidency for minor violations, while overlooking the blatant criminal acts committed by the Obama Administration (this of course, was by design).

They went after Reagan over Iran Contra.

They went after “W” for WMD’s and now there’s a “concerted effort” between media and the Democrats to make-up a story that Trump colluded with the Russians. (2)

I’m not a fan of the GOP either. Many of them, like Mssers. McConnell and Ryan need to go, because they have deliberately sat idle.

Why? Because Establishment Washington is pitching a fit and attacking us with fake scandals and costly hearings.

They want this hanging over Trump so he’s not able to implement his agenda.

The power players are “trying to create the impression” Trump is corrupt and in the process they’re trying to wear us down. (3)

Now we’ve got another “special counsel” appointed to investigate things – another Washington insider.

This will cost tax-payers big time, because the guy needs an office to work out of, has to assemble a staff (that needs to be paid on our dime, of course) all because of false allegations. (4)

The Left has won again, while the GOP (which supposedly controls the House and Senate) sits back doing nothing.

Not because they can’t, but because they don’t want to.

James Comey needed to go and so does Andrew McCabe, the guy presently filling his spot.694940094001_5182867781001_Clinton-ally-allegedly-aided-campaign-of-FBI-official-s-wife

McCabe’s got dirt on him because his wife received a slew of money from Virginia’s governor, Terry McAuliffe, in her failed bid to win a senate seat in Virginia.

McAuliffe is very tight with the Clintons and has been called “The Bagman” for them by radio talk show host Mark Levin.

President Trump is doing just fine for the moment. He delivered two great speeches at Liberty and for the Coast Guard’s over the last few weeks, while Vice President Mike Pence delivered a powerful one last Sunday at Notre Dame.

In Saudi Arabia and in Israel, President Trump has laid the groundwork for a broad and unified coalition throughout the Middle East. He is demonstrating to the world that there is a way forward if one has sufficient determination and knows what is negotiable and what is not. 
As we all pray for the peace of Jerusalem, we pray with greater faith today knowing that the president has prayed there himself, first. By visiting the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, by becoming the first sitting president to visit the Western Wall, by not falling prey to the political status-quo, President Trump is acting with profound, political courage.

The only leaders who truly make a difference in history are those who do what needs to be done, not what everyone else tells them is possible.” (5)1060x600-93172dac1665d855104936ea9bdb1b0e

While Trump’s actions are commendable he’s got more work to do, and we know real peace won’t take place until Christ settles all scores.

The reason Washington isn’t working is because Christian’s aren’t running it like the Founders intended. Will we ever return to that? Well……

“A growing civil war fomented by Marxists (progressives and liberals) to overthrow America” is now taking place.(6)

We need patriots to drive this nazi-like attitude out of the country, win or lose.images-4

President Trump signed an executive order restoring authority to America’s pastors, priests and clergy and the right to freedom of speech from their pulpits, in opposition to the 1954 Johnson Amendment. He then further instructed the Justice Department to rule whenever possible by law on behalf of the First Amendment rights and the individual’s freedoms to worship God in the marketplace as their conscious dictates.” (6)

It’s a nice thing to have, but if we understood our rights under the Constitution, American’s would have told Lyndon Johnson to bag it decades ago.

We need to ask ourselves if we’re going to fear Caesar or Christ? So far, we’re cowering in front of the Emperor.

I believe God throws these challenge our way not to to see what choice we’ll make, He already knows that.

He does it to show us what’s inside of us.

(1) Victor Davis Hanson on Tucker Carlson Tonight, FNC May 18, 2017; Mark Levin, the, 05-16-2017; (3) Ibid; (4) Ibid; (5) David Jeremiah; (6) Bill Wilson; (6) Dan Cummins

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