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images-5President Trump has been picking-up the mess left by former President Obama and his first few months in office have been interesting to watch.

These quick military strikes seem to be effective and I’m sure the casualty rate in Afghanistan, after the US delivered the latest thumping to the Habibi’s, is much higher than what’s being reported.

It’s about time we use force like this because it’s the only thing thugs understand – a threat to themselves.

Trump appears to be very serious in wanting to destroy Islamic radicals and is keeping his promise after the military took out their rat hole in the Nangahar Province.Screen-Shot-2017-04-13-at-14.32.00

That’s one way to clear out an area full bad guys. Now, we need to unleash our troops and let them mop-up what’s left. If not, then we should bring ’em home.

President Trump has taken the fight to our enemies, been aggressive with our adversaries (Putin and Assad) and repaired the damage with our allies, namely Israel and Britain, caused by Obama. (1)images-4

According to Jim Hanson, Trump “walked into the saloon, kicked open the doors and put two into the chest of the bad guys.”

It’s what the gunslinger’s call a “double-tap.”5478422160_4e90787012_b

Former president George W. Bush called Iran, Iraq and North Korea the Axis of Evil ‘way-back-when’. Obama and his staff lied to us and sacrificed national security in the deal with the Iranians. Translation, he sold out the country with Iran, gave North Korea a pass and stood by while the middle east burned.

President Bubba, aka Bill Clinton, bears much of the blame because he cut a deal with North Korea which allowed them to get their hands on nukes.

The Iranians can’t be trusted and have been behind the killing of US troops, something the American media conveniently fails to mention.

Cops are still being shot at an alarming rate, 2 in South Carolina and 3 in Seattle last week. In part, because of what Obama started back in Cambridge.

WWIII is going on. Europe is in flames and once again under siege. Not by Nazi’s this time, but by muslims.muslims-burn-denmark-flag1

Even though things appear to be looking up, much remains to be done. In light of these recent events, don’t get distracted by what’s taking place behind the scenes.

Don’t take your eyes off of the pedophilia investigations involving a number of prominent high-rollers inside the US government, including elected officials.

There are some big shots whose names keep popping up over and over again, quaking in their boots that an investigation could soon be launched.

If this gets out it will end careers and send people to prison – for this we can only hope.

We need to pray continually for God to shed light on this and bring it out in full view of the American public.

In fact, that whole town needs to be fumigated.

When incidents like Syria and Afghanistan happen, we tend to take our eyes off of the ball and forget about things like this that need our attention – especially since so many churches are working to curb the horrific crime of human trafficking.

Americans must realize the Democrat party, a once great party, has been hijacked by Marxist’s thugs. They’re lawless and they crave more and more power.

There are outlaws running many American cities and some states. Rahm Emanuel (Chicago), Bill de Blasio (NYC), Xavier Becerra (AG of California) and Jerry Brown (governor of California) to name a few. They brag about blatantly violating the law.

Even when they lose, Marxists never stop fighting. It’s something we can learn from because many good people have already thrown in the towel and are looking for the “Happy Day Express” to pull ’em out of the world.

Since President Trump took office they got rid Michael Flynn (a real American Hero), got Devin Nunez to “step aside” on his Russian investigation and have gone after Attorney General Jeff Sessions because he’s been very effective. Now, they’re actively working to silence talk show hosts and networks who don’t follow their agenda. (2)

Free speech, individual liberty and our American heritage are under attack at this very moment – and the Left won’t rest until they remove all Christian influence from America. That’s the real goal.christianity1

I believe we all want a spiritual restoration in America.

Whether or not this happens remains to be seen, but we should never stop praying and working toward this. Sadly, some already have.

In order to achieve it we must look inward first. Which is a difficult thing to do.

For starters, we need to ask ourselves these questions:

1). Do I thirst for God?

2). Am I governed increasingly by God’s Word?

3). Am I more loving?

4). Am I more sensitive to God’s presence?

5). Do I have a growing concern for the spiritual and temporal needs of others?

6). Do I delight in the Bride of Christ?

7). Are Spiritual Disciplines increasingly important to me?

8). Do I grieve over sin?

9). Do I forgive?

10). Do I yearn for heaven and for the Lord to return? (3)

This may be the true restoration many have been thirsting for.

We’ll just have to see what happens next.

(1) Jim Hanson, The Center For Security Policy on Fox and Friends, 04-24-17, Fox News Channel; (2) Mark Levin, The Mark Levin show, 04-21-17, ; (3) Donald S. Whitney

2 Comments to “Picking Up After Obama”

  1. Kinda Hupman Says:

    Thanks Steve. Your posts are always Spiritually Challenging. I hope people take notice of what you are saying and do some real heart searching. I know I have and continue to do so. Thanks again for your wise words. May God Bless you and your Family.

  2. Deborah Homeister Says:

    Hello dear Brother,

    Ditto, to the words of our sister, Kinda. I especially appreciate your challenge to look inward. Gotta be candid – I’m not lookin’ so good in here :'(

    REVIVAL. It’s my greatest need. It’s the great need of the great need of the church; the great need of the nation – the great need of the world.

    LORD Most High, would you be pleased to ‘resuscitate’ me, restore me to my First Love? Would you PLEASE breathe new life, perform CPR on Your Bride? Would you, in mercy, REVIVE our nation? Else, we be consumed :'(

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