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Sergeant William Woitowicz

Gunnery Sergeant Daniel J. Price

Gunnery Sergeant Ryan Jeschke

Captain Stanford H. Shaw

Master Sergeant Thomas A. Saunders

Staff Sergeant Marcus S. Bawol

Staff Sergeant Trevor P. Blaylock

Staff Sergeant Liam A. Flynn

Staff Sergeant Kerry M. Kemp

Staff Sergeant Andrew C. Seif



Captain Andrew R. Hougthon – US Army

1st Lieutenant Adam Malson – US Army

Specialist Joshua D. Brown – US Army

Sergeant James S. Collins, Jr. – US Army

Specialist Byron Fouty – US Army

Sergeant Kyle B. McLain – US Army

(Note: These six men are connected to people who attend the same church as I do.)




“A Small Corner of Hell” – On the 100th Anniversary of America’s involvement in World War I, I wanted to honor some of the many men who fought in the Meuse-Argonne Offensive in 1918. Specifically, the men of the 308th Infantry Regiment, Companies A, B, C, E, G, and H; The 307th Infantry Regiment, Company K and Companies C&D of the 306th Machine Gun Battalion.

On the evening of October 2, 1918, Major Charles White Whittlesey led nearly 700 men under his command into the Charlevaux Ravine, deep in the Argonne Forest of France. That night, the Germans quietly surrounded them, completely cutting them off from all contact with their main line….five days later, 194 survivors walked out.” 

The fighting spirit displayed by these battered men “in the pocket“, who came to be known as The Lost Battalion, displayed a tenacity “to the German high command that the Americans were… a force to be reckoned with.”  

Their actions led to America becoming a global super power.woi UITJE 2008 098

Sergeant Nathainel Rochester of California wrote home to his folks: “In this war I see the coming of a great democracy. A great birthright of the people of the earth – Freedom – is going to be the result…We are fighting in the fight for the common cause. Our father’s fought that this hemisphere might have enlightenment. We fight that the whole world may feel its welcoming rays.”

Three months after writing this, Nat Rochester lay dead in the mud in that “small corner of hell” and “another mother’s heart was broken forever.”

Quotes are from the book: The Lost Battalion: Return to the Charlevaux, by Robert J. Laplander. Laplander “is considered the world’s leading authority on The Lost Battalion” 

One Comment to “Memorial Day – “Another Mother’s Heart Broken Forever””

  1. Deborah Homeister Says:

    Steve, it amazes me how well you know HIStory. Not just the familiar record of events, people, wars & the like; but the more intimate, lesser known people, events, wars and the like.

    Thanks for sharing yet another tidbit, no; another testimony as to who, when and how we got to be who we became – once upon a time.

    LORD GOD, we thank-You for these strong, insightful, fiercely independent, freedom focused men and women who helped to birth this nation, who loved, nurtured and protected her in her infancy and beyond. Father, I ask that if it be possible, if in Your perfect wisdom, purposes & fullness of time – You can see a place for America in the world to do Your will once again, to return to who we were at our inception when love for God/His Word & country was displayed in everyday living and choices, allowing us to be the sender of many missionaries that others would come to know You, then I beg You Father – I beg You, PLEASE will you send a broad sweeping Revival to awaken the sleepy hearts of Your children, the sheep of Your pasture!! Remove the dross from us that we might be a more glowing, accurate reflection of You to the multitudes about us, who know not the GOD of Abraham, Issac & Jacob. :’-( Then use us Father, in a following awakening in our land and through-out the world!!! Allow us to be part of the great final harvest Father, I beg You. I beg You. In the Name of the Only One whereby we MUST be saved: King JESUS!!

    Steve, for your own encouragement and personal time of worship and adoration, I bring to you these lyrics, followed by a men’s choir who sing it: O’ SPEAK TO ME

    O speak to me from heav’n above,
    Fill Thou my soul,
    That I may know Thy love,
    Thy wondrous love,
    Hush my heart to hear Thy faintest whisper.
    Speak dear Lord, speak dear Lord.

    O may my will be lost in Thine
    My yielded heart to Thee I now resign
    Speak Lord I pray
    Let the flood-tide of Thy glory
    Like a mighty sea sweep o’re me
    While I worship and adore Thy name,
    Precious Holy name
    Thru eternal years the same.

    O speak to me from calvary
    Where Thou, O Christ,
    Didst shed Thy blood for me, in agony
    Speak of Thy undying mercy to me
    There out poured, precious Lord
    O melt my heart,
    With Calv’ry love
    Burn out the dross with fire from above

    Speak Lord I pray,
    Speak from Calv’ry I implore Thee
    Keep that vision e’er before me
    While I worship and adore Thy name!
    Thy matchless name,
    Precious Holy name
    Thru eternal years the same.

    Be very blessed dear brother,
    Deborah H.

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