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Cannon CapturedThere’s a division in the house that has been here for quite some time. However, it flourished under Barak Obama. Another “civil war” and the violence that comes with it, is currently taking place. It’s just a matter of time before we see it on a much larger scale.

Leftists like Kathy Griffin and Hillary Clinton are nuts and display bizarre behavior each time they open their mouth.

There’s a full, frontal attack taking place to destroy the Trump administration. No matter how you voted, this is an attack on American citizens and the process to elect our leaders.

The federal courts, congress, Executive branch, and media are all aligned against President Trump. The courts blocked Trump from carrying out a simple executive order blocking immigration from 6 high risk countries.

In normal times this would be a non-issue, but the Republicans in Congress either sit on the sidelines or contribute to Democrat efforts to destroy the president.

The Executive Branch is responsible for many of the leaks against the president. The sabotage and subterfuge by careerists and Obama holdovers is unprecedented.

The media is in an all-out war against Trump too. CNN is made up of liberal journalists and Obama appointees. MSNBC is all leftist all the time and the Washington Post and New York Times commit hit job after hit job against the President The media is destroying the first amendment by abusing it.” (1)

The Fox News Channel made a huge left turn since Rupert’s boys took over the network.

Marxist’s, including some governor’s and mayor’s, went bonkers after President Trump bailed on the Paris Accords – which was an excellent move.170529120915-trump-memorial-day-speech-5-29-exlarge-tease

Here’s why; “The President’s speech on the Paris climate accord was magnificent, simple and directed straight at the American people, who now understand the devastating effect the Paris agreement would have had on their livelihoods.

The real goal of progressives supporting the Paris accords was not to reverse climate change. It was to use the power of government to redistribute wealth.

Climate change is not what really is going on here. For 100 years or more there has been a movement in this country to destroy the Republic and the civil society. They call themselves progressives.

They are iron fisted tyrants in many respects and they are really regressive. The left wrap themselves in populist language but there model is authoritarianism and threats. The environmental movement is part of an ideological movement, just like healthcare.” (2)

Many elected to office vow to continue their support for this and by doing so they think they’re taking aim at Mr. Trump, but’s it us in their crosshairs.

At the same time, they’re is erasing our history.

The elites are desperately trying to prevent Trump from implementing his agenda through meaningless, costly investigations designed to divert our attention away from the real issues.

One big reason is because Attorney General Jeff Sessions is “zeroing in on the pedophilia scandal called pedogate” involving many high-ranking government officials, media pundits, and high profile elected officials (Yea, the ones you see on tv rushing to a mic to lash out at Trump each time he makes a move.) (3)

What did the NYPD find on Anthony Wiener’s hard drive that has high-rollers in Washington holding on to their jocks?

What about the “abuse of power like we have never seen before in modern times by Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Susan Rice, John Brennan, James Clapper and others. Many times wittingly, the Obama administration used law enforcement methods to try to influence the outcome of the election and damage the opposition party’s campaign. The evidence is growing and becoming overwhelming to support this.” (4)

Russia? For real? It’s a smoke screen and we’re being played.

A number of Americans believe the country can kick back and relax now that Madame Clinton has been given a ticket home.56e6ea27c4618841228b45c5

Christians should cry out to God for help like the ancient Israeli’s did way back when the Egyptians had their boots on their throats (Exodus 3:7-9).

Crying out is earnest, painstaking time in prayer, asking for God’s intervention. It is an indication of how desperate these times are and how much we need God’s help.

I believe we don’t realize how serious the situation is.

Forget global warming, you’re in the midst of a global war, a world war where Islam is moving across Europe like Hitler’s forces did in the 30’s.

For too long world leaders have deliberately fought this on PC terms so as not to offend muslims.

While this farce continues, innocent people are being carved-up or run down by maniacs on a mission for allah.

Trump’s got it right; We must stop being politically correct and get down to the business of security for our people. If we don’t get smart it will only get worse…Do you notice we are not having a gun debate right now? That’s because they used knives and a truck!

In the meantime, CNN is reporting the incident as a van attack. Morons.

If the Brits really want to stop this modern day blitzkrieg they’re going to have to send the SAS (Special Air Service) into London’s ghettos and rip the wolf’s throat out.Military_7dc440_6029580

I’m weary of hearing we’re not at war with all muslim’s. We are.

While many of them are not taking part in these attacks, a huge number approves of them while the rest turn away saying, “if allah wills.”

We didn’t preface who we were fighting in WWI, WWII or Viet Nam. Our daddy’s knew who the enemy was, went out and took care of the problem.

By the way, anybody check scripture to see what God told us about Ishmael’s line? Give it a look-see. It’s in Genesis and it’s being played out the world’s stage.

America is ripe for attack also, more on that later.

Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman reminds us; “The sheep pretend the wolf will never come, but the sheepdog lives for that day.”

That day is here.

It’ll be ugly, but the people of London may now realize the only way to take care of this problem is with force.

If only their leaders woke-up to this.

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  1. Cindy Williams Says:

    Its this kind of government that I ‘resent’ paying: I feel obliged to render to Caesar but, I resent paying these corrupt ‘creeps’ …can we ‘sanction’ them?

    As far as ‘islam’…we are playing with fire or warming ourselves by the enemy’s fire–which can destroy a ‘civilization’ …a verse: 2 Chronicles 19:2-3 &
    ‘You shall have no other gods before me’ is a Commandment (exodus 20:3) not a
    suggestion. God reminded them that He/Jehovah (not Allah) brought them out of their slavery in Egypt.
    I believe this ‘allah’ is all about putting people INto slavery-
    Must be exposed and rejected!…always, everywhere….it is NOT ‘The Way, The Truth or The LIFE’…
    Jesus/Emanuel(God with us) paid with His whole life to set us Free…He alone is our good & kind Savior and is the WAY. We must honor ‘No other God’ (as commanded) or give even a ‘foothold’ to anything less than Jesus.

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