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iu-7Despite all the talk about impeachment, President Trump isn’t running for cover – he’s pushing back big time.

Let’s go back to the 2012 Election cycle, when Lefties like Harry Reid accused Mitt Romney of all sorts of things. Romney kept quiet, didn’t defend himself and it cost him the election. He had Obama by the throat in the debates, but he let him get away.

President Trump has come out swinging against a desperate Democrat party as one of his latest “Tweets” confirms: “Congress has no time to legislate, they only want to continue the Witch Hunt, which I have already won. They should start looking at the criminals who are very well known to all. This was a rigged system – WE WILL DRAIN THE SWAMP!iu-6
He slammed Madame Clinton in one of his “tweets” recently and she can’t keep her mouth shut – she’s always got to add her two cents. Ah, people that live in glass houses.

Numerous sources say the “bad boys” are in a tizzy. We’ll see.

The days ahead will show whether or not “the swamp will be drained, and thugs paying for their crimes.

Stay alert and pray, asking God to provide wisdom to discern what info is true and what isn’t.

Ask God to protect our nation from indivudals who are said to be “panicking.”

A number of sources say New Zeland, Notre Dame and Sri Lanka were “false flags to clog the news cycle” – incidents to divert attention from what’s really going on here at home. Hitler used one as a pretext to invade Poland in 1939.

Evil knows no bounds, it can go in any direction like branches on a tree. “The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure… (Jeremiah 17:9).”iu-10

Ask God to thwart any attempt to harm innocent people here or abroad, especially our Christian institutions.

Title of Post is from The X22Report, 4/25/2019.

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