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iu-9And now, a brief overview of Q Anon.

In October 2017 a “mysterious person” by the name of Q or Q Anon began posting on 4 Chan and 8 Chan (I don’t know what those boards are. Maybe you do).

The individual'(s) introduced themselves as a “Q Clearance Patriot.”

Q Clearance is a very high level security clearance issued by Department of Energy, but Q never claimed to work for the Department of Energy.” (1)

He/they have given convincing evidence they are government insiders working to weed out corruption. “Drain the Swamp”, maybe?

They ask us do research on things they post, but with sites like Praying Medic, X22Report and In Pursuit of Truth, these guys do the work us.

No one knows who Q is, but “it does seem as though Q is a team of people rather than an invidudual…Q seems to be a small group of people very close to the president on a daily basis. They have posted photos and interesting info that would be difficult to get ahold of if you weren’t very, very close to the president.” (2)iu-1

On Easter weekend, Q’s latest post was “1st and 10 on the 40” that followed his March 29th post which was “1 and 10 on the 50.” These are football terms where a team has four chances to move the ball ten yards for a first down.iu-7

Translation: “The Patriots are on offense. The blockade (Mueller Report) is gone.” By the way, The Mueller Report was bogus from the get go. It was meant to “rig the mid term elections“, which it did, and wasn’t meant to turn up anything. It was to hinder the president from carrying out his policies and protect those who committed treason. (3)

The Left always accuses others of what they are guilty of perpetrating.

Q also posted “That fake investigations (talk of impeachment and obstruction) WILL NOT delay what is about to be unleashed.” By the way, The Mueller Report, even with 18 high profile Clinton lawyers, determined no crime was committed. So without a crime, you cannot have obstruction. Remember that.

Q also tells us “Those who scream the loudest have the most to lose” (Adam Schiff, Maxine Waters, Jerrold Nadler, Eric Holder who just piped up this weekend and a whole host of others.)

Time will tell how this all plays out, but it’s been a good few weeks for President Trump with the good guys moving the ball in enemy territory – They’re said to be on the move!

We’ll see. In the meantime, pray for the safety of the country from mass casualty attacks. Yeah, I believe these establishment bums are that evil!iu-3

(1-2). Praying Medic; (3). X22Report and In Pursuit of Truth. Check out Q’s post at There’s also a link on that site to post put out by President Trump.


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  1. Phyllis Bergman Says:

    Yes, I agree. There are a lot of evil people out there who will not stop trying to accomplish their goal of taking down this nation.

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