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iu-3Joe Biden finds himself in the “trick bag.”

The same M.O. used against Brett Kavanaugh is now being used to destroy any chance he has of throwing his hat in the ring for president. Opponents are lining up women after women to condemn his behavior.

Mark Levin tells us why this is happening. It’s because “people are out to knock him off…It’s a hit job.”

Levin also went on to say that Biden “is paying the price because he helped create this (ME TOO) movement that is now devouring him.” He’s a “vicious” politician who “destroyed the reputations, careers and characters” of Judge Robert Bork and Justice Clarence Thomas to name a few.

What goes around, comes around.iu-9

Biden is what’s wrong with Washington today – too many arrogant, rich, career politicians hanging around past their prime and usefulness. I wouldn’t want to challenge him politically because he’s very savvy, a street fighter who stops at nothing to effectively engage and destroy his opponents.

And he has the track record to prove it.

However, I’m willing to do something that he or other Leftists would never do for you or me – and that’s affording him the presumption of innocence until all the facts in. It’s Due Process ladies and gentlemen, and it’s under unrelenting attack by Marxists.

Rush Limbaugh came up with a theory that I’ll share. He surmises Barak Obama is working behind the scenes preparing to introduce, at some point, his wife’s run for the highest office in the land.iu-1

Then, when all the knucklehead Dems have finished destroying one another, he’ll push her into the spotlight.

It’s not too far out there to think Obama is the one orchestrating the assault on Biden’s past. That’s how the game is played, that’s how evil these bums are.

Just sayin’.

Take a “Walk on the Wild Side” – For a different take on the news check out these two sites. Both came to my attention from a very godly, and might I say prosperous, Christian businessman. I trust his wisdom and judgement very much.iu-6 The sites are Praying Medic and In Pursuit of Truth (IPOT).iu-7Knowing many of you as I do, I think Praying Medic’s quiet way of delivering the info will be easier for you to swallow. He has some type of faith background, but I haven’t had time to investigate what it is.

Buuuut, if you like life in the “fast lane” Sir Patrick Mack, the guru behind IPOT (In Pursuit of Truth), will make you laugh. Some of his videos are corny, but you’ll chuckle at them.

Both sites give you a glimpse of what is said to be taking place behind the scenes in Washington, things mainstream fails to report on.

So, I’ll throw it out there for you. Check it out, decide for yourself what they have to say about an individual or group of individuals named, Q.

Each site has a 5 minute or so trailer you can tune into for info on why they’re posting what they’re posting.iu-9



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