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thPaul Ryan resigned because he let voters down. He did nothing as Speaker of The House.

I’m sure he’s telling us the truth that he wants to spend more time with family, but that’s not the reason why he “chucked it.”

He promised to get rid of the health care law and didn’t. He also has his prints on the massive spending bill because “of the failure of Republicans to communicate basic principles of conservatism to voters.” (1)

I’d love to see Jim Jordan from Ohio take his spot.

Squeeze-Play” – California Governor Jerry (Moonbeam) Brown caved and is sending National Guard troops to his state’s southern border. However, don’t think he’s changed his leftist ideology.CASanctuary41218

The residents of California put the squeeze on him and joined forces to sue him and his Marxist attorney general over the Sanctuary State law. It’s refreshing to see patriots challenging such an illegal law and the leaders behind it. Perhaps they’ll run them and other Marxist despots out of the state on a rail.

Spin-cycle” – Depending on whose spin we believe regarding the raid on President Trumps attorney’s office, if true, is very sinister. It also puts the attorney-client privilege in grave danger. Congress needs to step up and protect this area and quit worrying about protecting Mr. Mueller.

I would love to see President Trump can both Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein.

th-3Senator Cory Booker (D-N.J.) made an ass of himself during Mike Pompeo’s hearing for the position of  Secretary of State. During that hearing Booker “repeatedly berated Pompeo demanding Pompeo reverse his position on marriage and that he basically endorse “gay sex.” Not satisfied with Pompeo’s pledge to treat everyone with respect and dignity, Senator Booker put forward what is effectively a new litmus test that is chilling for anyone seeking a public service position. This is a litmus test that says you MUST choose between your faith or the job you are seeking, and you can’t have faith and serve your country.” (2)

The reason behind his stunt is because Booker is planning to run for president. He was grandstanding for the Leftist base. I don’t have time to expand on this topic in this segement, but will in the next.

This is a very dangerous man, not to mention a fool.

We don’t need another arrogant fool in the White House. The one we had in the last administration was enough.

It’s time for Christians to take a stand before we turn into Europe.

I’ll explain later.

(1) Mark Levin, Daily Recap, April 12, 2018, The Mark Levin Show; (2) Tony Perkins, Petition alert, Family Rsearch Council, April 12, 2018.

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