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imageHey! don’t shed any tears for Andrew McCabe.

If your are, STOP IT!

Think of how this government destroyed General Michael Flynn during this bogus investigation on “Russian collusion.”Lt.-General-Michael-Flynn-PABLO-MARTINEZ-MONSIVAISAP-640x480

Establishment players in DC care nothing about the direction the country is headed. They only care about themselves.

McCabe and many others not only should to be canned and lose their pensions, some should be put in front of a twenty- one salute for their tyrannical actions.

Rush tells us we need to “push back against these entrenched group of elites.”sub-buzz-2813-1521234825-5

In describing who these people are and how they think Rush say’s:

They believe they are the best. They believe they’re the smartest.

They believe everybody else is a liability to the country. You and everybody else not in their club are to be kept out of anything important because you’re a bunch of rubes. You just don’t know anything. You’re ill-educated. You didn’t go to the right schools. You don’t have the right family connections. You’re just average, ordinary human debris.

They are special. They know it. They know that each other are special, and even though they are members of both parties, they still have the thing in common that they are members of the Washington establishment. And that’s what binds them. They circle the wagons, and they come together to defend that whenever it’s under assault.

Republicans, Democrats will put aside whatever fake differences they have in the establishment and unify to make sure nobody who isn’t qualified gets in that club, and certainly nobody who gets elected president or some other powerful position is actually successful, if the objective is to trip these people of their power, of their glory, of their self-worth, of their identity.

They are members in what they think is the most important and exclusive club or organization, group of people that there is in the world. And membership in this club genuinely does require you to be elite in the ways they define it. And Trump is none of them. Trump has to be destroyed. They’re not gonna roll over. They’re not gonna let this happen.

What’s good for the country never factors in their thinking. That’s not what they are there to do. The establishment is not there to defend the country. It’s there to defend itself. And that’s why they join other elites around the world and become globalists. (1)images

We “are now living through the greatest scandal in American history. The effort by President Obama, his administration, Hillary’s campaign, and the DNC to influence our elections is even more than the Russians. There are now more text messages between Peter Strzok and Susan Page which Rod Rosenstein sought to cover up.4770BA2200000578-5199043-image-a-25_1513789700001

The texts showed that Strzok had a personal relationship with the FISA court judge in the Mike Flynn case. These FISA court judges have a lot to answer for and they must explain why they approved their applications. (2)

Robert Mueller doesn’t have the temperament or objectivity to be a federal prosecutor. There is no special counsel to investigate Russian collusion, only a rogue prosecutor acting as an inquisitor and executioner with a single mission; remove Trump from office.DYiFgD0WkAA14he

Mueller should be investigating actual Russian collusion between Hillary Clinton, her campaign, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Donna Brazile, and the entire Democratic National Committee, yet he only focuses on President Trump, his family, and his campaign staff. The only Russian collusion that took place occurred in the shadows of the Clinton campaign. (3)

The America people have been subjected to the biggest hoax in history with this investigation. We still must have a special counsel to investigate the FBI, DOJ and the intelligence agencies so the country is never put through this again. (4)

I love thestweets by President Trump and hope they continue. American’s are not used to a president kicking the opposition, in this case the DC elites, in the crotch. It’s refreshing to see President Trump stand-up for himself, his family and the American people.

Too Bad George Bush, John McCain and Mitt Romney didn’t do the same. As a result of their timidity, we paid a heavy price and got saddled with the most corrupt administration in American history for 8 long years – Barak Obama.

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