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Screen-Shot-2018-01-30-at-12.08.33-PM-620x467Rush Limbaugh points out what mainstream media fail to do when it comes to dividing the country.

“A couple weeks ago, Louis Farrakhan, Calypso Louie, spoke at a Nation of Islam event on his favorite topic: “the Jews.” He told his audience that “powerful Jews” are his enemy.

He said the Jews are “responsible” for all the “filth and degenerate behavior that Hollywood is putting out turning men into women and women into men.” So in addition to disliking Jews, Farrakhan doesn’t look kindly on transgenders, either.94fb01cca5387521db173b63364ee1f8

Then he issued a warning. “Farrakhan has pulled the cover off the eyes of the Satanic Jew, and I’m here to say your time is up,” Farrakhan said. “Your world is through. You good Jews better separate, because the Satanic ones will take you to hell with them, because that’s where they are headed.”DSCN0441obama-shopped-3-804x450

Now, if you are familiar with the career of Calypso Louie, none of this is surprising. It’s nothing you haven’t heard before from him. What’s also no surprise is how little coverage his remarks got in the Drive-By Media.
Tamika Mallory, co-founder of the Women’s March organization, attended the event, and later went on social media to praise Farrakhan as “the greatest of all time.”

Quite a few elected Democrats, including many Congressional Black Caucasians, have longstanding ties to Farrakhan. They won’t condemn his hateful rants. Nothing new there, either.Screen-Shot-2018-01-30-at-12.09.43-PM-620x618

But they’re liberals, which means they’ll never get called on it! But you have a meeting with David Duke and see what happens to you.” (1)

Funny, we’ve “rid” the nation of Confederate flags and monuments, but not a whimper from media after it was learned that twenty-one black Democrat congressional reps are aligned with Louis Farrakhan.


The media is now the exact opposite of what their sacred constitutional requirement is. They’re supposed to be there holding truthful and powerful people accountable. Instead, they have been suborned, controlled and taken over and subsumed by the very people they’re supposed to be looking out for.(2)

These so-called “representatives” are what Marx would call “useful idiots.” If the Commies ever win the country these people will be the first group targeted by a tyrannical regime.

The CBC thinks they’re so smart, yet they continually cozy up to groups intent on destroying their race. Christ would call them, “The blind leading the blind.”

We’re being played, people. This is a dangerous time with an unhinged individual spewing hateful speeches towards Jews. It’s a lesson our parents and grandparents learned in the 30’s and 40’s. Questions is, will this generation?20157800_fnc-highlights-farrakhan-ties-to-house_5cbe9675_m

Robert Mueller and his pack of partisan lawyers are eating up zillions of tax-payer dollars conducting bogus investigations aimed to take down President Trump.

All the while, media turns their head when it comes to the numerous scandals involving Barak Obama, Valerie Jarrett (whose family has ties to radical groups out to destroy America), Susan Rice, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch and now the Congressional Black Caucus.

God forbid, if media did their job they might be called racist for reporting on these matters. They might be called bad names for doing their job, but that comes with the territory of having a free press. However, according to Mark Levin, the real reason media ignore these assaults on us (and believe me these are attacks on Americans) is because they favor a police state. (3)

(1) Rush 24/7 Morning Update: Calypso Louie, Redux Mar 9, 2018; (2), Rush’s Famous Quotes; (3) Mark Levin, The Mark Levin Show,, 03-12-2018.

Another “Useful Idiot” – Rapper Eminem, another jackass, proclaimed “the NRA loves guns more than kids.” I want to direct your attention to a butcher by the name of Kermit Gosnell who ran an abortion clinic in West Philadelphia before being arrested and tried for murder – for conducting late-term abortions on hundreds of black women from the ghetto of west Philly. Mainstream media, including Fox News, provided cover fire by televising the Jody Arias murder trial at the time his was going on. Who?

Gosnell had another accomplice at the time – mainstream media who said nothing about his Mengele-style tactics. I’d like to recommend another short, yet powerful, article entitled “The War in West Philadelphia” written by Dr. John P. Pryor. Unfortunately, Dr. Pryor was killed during a motor attack a year later while serving in Mosul as a combat surgeon.

After reading his article, ask your if black lives matter to the powerbrokers and elites in politics and media. All we get from media is guns, guns, guns instead of exposing the issues threatening us. Especially after Obama and his gang of pirates sold the country out with the Iranian nuke deal.

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