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th-3Last Sunday, Dr. Larry P. Arnn, President of Hillsdale College (Hillsdale, Michigan) provided insightful commentary into the thought behind the Declaration of Independence while a guest on Mark Levin’s; “Life, Liberty & Levin”. (1)

When Thomas Jefferson wrote the words “all men are create equal” the 56 Signers told George III; “You’re Just like us and you cannot rule us unless we consent.” (2)

George III was a thug whose huge ego demanded unlimited submission. If you crossed him, he’d kill you. Dr. Arnn told us the king issued writs for those who signed the Declaration. Not to the police or prosecutor’s mind you, but to the military – ordering the generals to kill

The actions by King George prompted ministers like Jonathan Mayhew, considered one of the more liberal preachers of the day, to preach numerous sermons on liberty to their congregations. “They are more properly ‘The Messengers of Satan to buffet us.’ No rulers are properly God’s ministers, but such as are ‘just, ruling in the fear of God.’ When once magistrates act contrary to their office, and the end of their institution when they rob and ruin the public, instead of being guardians of its peace … they immediately cease to be the ordinance and ministers of God, and no more deserve that glorious character than common pirates and highwaymen.”quote-the-king-is-as-much-bound-by-his-oath-not-to-infringe-the-legal-rights-of-the-people-jonathan-mayhew-71-70-68

Sermons like that will shock the dog-snot out of the young preachers today. You know who I mean, the ones in skinny jeans, sporting the slick-downed Baby Dumpling haircut. (Yeah Baby Dumpling, from the old Blondie and Dagwood movies of the ’40’s that stared Arthur Lake and Penny Singleton.)th-1

Dr. Arnn also said that America “is in a condition like the one Lincoln described – It’s a ‘House Divided.”

“There are two ways of thinking and two ways of governing and it has to resolve itself. And it’s going to do that through some crisis.”d17b92b77272a600168b56c752122e62

And because I’m an admirer of Winston Churchill, I believe its necessary and true to think that crisis is going to be resolved beautifully and favorably in favor of freedom…Better get ready!”Unknown-2

The hemorrhaging continues. Don’t think so. Cities in California are telling “Governor Moonbeam” to bag it when it comes to being a sanctuary state.

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(1) Seen on the Fox News Channel Sunday nights at 10:00 pm EST; (2) Dr. Arnn; Civil War painting, Irish Brigade is by Don Troiani,

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