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iurI was born in America, and am determined, at all hazards to live and die an American citizen.” Ambrose Davenport

I know their psychology. I know these people in the media, and I know that these democrats, folks, they are just beside themselves that everything they’ve got in their arsenal of weapons hasn’t worked. So given that — this is the sum total of intelligence guided by experienceI don’t believe… I’m not gonna believe just because I’m told than that happened the way it did. And that’s a shame.

It’s a shame that the highest levels of our government have gotten to the point where distrusting them is a common-sensical thing to do. But they’ve brought this on. All of these nameless, faceless, anonymous sources with all of this utter BS. “Every day for two years, New York Times, CNN (impression), “Intelligence community sources and former American intelligence officials tell the New York Times that” blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.APP-101918-Padded-CuckooEvery day, sometimes many times a day for a year, two years. Stuff made up out of whole cloth — news stories literally made upall to advance the agenda of essentially canceling the election results from 2016 and finding a way to get Donald Trump out of office. There’s a list of people — Democrats, Republican, moderates, independents, Never Trumpers on the conservative side — the whole of the Washington establishment.

So here we are two weeks before the midterm elections. The Democrats have to win! They have to win it. They’ve told everybody that the American people are tired of Trump, and they want to get rid of him. They realize their mistake. They’ve been telling everybody there’s gonna be a blue wave. It’s a fait accompli. Nate Silver: 85% chance!

Two weeks out a bunch of bombs start showing up in places that the media can then say that they are being received by “Trump targets”? I’m sorry. I didn’t fall off the turnip truck ever, and certainly not yesterday, and the world of October Surprises coupled with all the other realities I just exposed, and I think it only makes sense to be suspicious and demanding of proof for whatever we’re gonna be told.(1)

Now, regarding our friend and fellow Patriot, Ambrose Davenport. The story goes he “enlisted with the US Army and was assigned to Fort Mackinac (in Michigan), here on the (Mackinac) Island, and was present for the American takeover from the British in 1796.

In the following year, Ambrose Davenport left the military and remained on the Island for the lucrative fur trading business. By 1812, the prominent Davenports had six children and faced the British Invasion of Mackinac Island. As the war of 1812 progressed, the Fort, with its entire garrison and many Islanders, along with Davenport, became prisoners of war.

British Captain Charles Roberts demanded all American captives swear allegiance to the crown, but Ambrose Davenport refused, simply, but proudly, declaring, “I was born in America, and am determined, at all hazards to live and die an American citizen.iu-5

Deported to Detroit, along with other prisoners, Davenport was placed on parole while his wife and family remained on Mackinac Island. Mrs. Davenport was constantly harassed and insulted by the British, as they referred to her as “the wife of the Yankee Rebel.

Following the recapture of Mackinac Island, Davenport returned home in 1815 and turned to farming… He became a charter member of Mission Church in 1823. A veterans land grant for his farm was finally confirmed by Congress in 1830 and his deed was signed by Andrew Jackson. Their farm is located in the area now known as Hubbard’s Annex. (2)

Ambrose shows us how to stand against tyranny, when things go to “Hell in a handbasket” and a bayonet is pointed at one’s throat.

You don’t capitulate or give up your rights when a “selfish, ruling class,” attempts to brain wash us with the lie that they’re the only ones who can solve a crisis.

I don’t believe what we’re being told by media or government sources anymore and wonder why we haven’t heard any more about the Las Vegas shooting.

That story, with all the casualties, was dropped quickly. Why?

I suspect there’s more to it. That it may have been a gun-running sting that blew up miserably in the face of the FBI. That’s how cynical I’ve become.

Sorry, I just don’t believe one man was responsible for inflicting all those casualties.

Just sayin’.

“It’s just like that news that Trump is using an unsecured phone to talk to the ChiComs. Does anybody really believe that, that Trump knowingly uses a secure phone, knowingly lets ChiComs listen to what Trump is saying, that’s how stupid Trump is? Do we believe that? Hell, no, as they say. 

Yes, my friends, the Democrats have to win the House. If they don’t, the Mueller investigation wraps; the GOP can finally see every document involved here. The biggest scandal in our lifetimes will unfold. An attempt to rig an election, and then an ongoing effort to undo that election — and then to overthrow a duly elected president — will be exposed. That’s what must continue to be covered up. That’s why the Democrats, among other things, have to win the House.”

The Left is desperately unhinged and as we see, will resort to anything to remain in  power. They are responsible for the upswing in violence.

It’s right out of Alinsky’s playbook.

That’s why I flip the channel whenever I see political ads, “the bomber” story or the synagogue shooter comes up.

Enough of the twenty-four hour news cycle, too! They have to keep things going for the ratings.

My mind is made up. I can think for myself, as I’m confident you can too.

I’m not a cheerleader for the GOP, but we have to align ourselves with the party or individuals who closely reflect the principles of the Declaration and Constitution – at the moment it’s the Republicans.iu-6

House Members Jim Jordan (OH), Mark Meckler (NC), Ron De Santis (FLA, but now running for governor) and Devan Nunes (CA) have done a tremendous job, in the midst of personal and political attacks, to get to the bottom of the corruption in DC.

On the other hand, the Dem’s platform is straight from Romans 1:18-32 – something that God detests. So, if you’re a Christian you need to be aware of that and not cast a vote for them.

If you do, you deserve what you get. The rest of us don’t, but you do, In the meantime, we’ll have to suffer the consequences.

I look for more chicanery before the election – so be wise, just like a snake.


Think Red Wave, people.

By the way, when you’re on Mackinac Island, stop by the Yankee Rebel Inn and get the Pot Roast Sandwich. Wash it down with a bottle of Vernor’s Ginger Ale (another Michigan made product) – you won’t be disappointed.iu

(1) The Attempt to Destroy Donald Trump Has Made Us Suspicious of Everything, Rush Limbaugh on The Rush Limbaugh Show, October 26, 2018 on the EIB Network; (2) From the lunch menu at the Yankee Rebel Tavern on Mackinac Island (hosts Patti Ann and Steven Moskwa); (3) Tucker Carlson; (4) From the same article as Footnote 1 above.

Note: I liked the photo of the Dem’s in straight-jackets so much, I used it. It was on Rush’s website last week.

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