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hillary-criesThe face of the LORD is against those who do evil, to cut off the memory of them from the earth. Psam 34:16

I left you hanging about my experience in Baltimore the night of the election.

To recap, a few weeks before the election, October 23, I stopped to fill my car up with gas. After leaving the gas station my mood started to shift as I thought of Hillary Clinton being elected president.

I wondered how much further we’d slide down the slippery slope.

Whatever I felt immediately disappeared as the verse from Psalm 43:5 came to mind; “Why are you cast down, O my soul, and why are you in turmoil within me? Hope in God; for I shall again praise him, my salvation and my God.

A wave of peace came over me, it was 6:46 pm (EST).

I thought to myself, ‘I’m getting in on this one and taking God at His Word’. When I got home I wrote down the date, time and the verse on a small piece of note paper – and I never looked back.

What I didn’t tell you was that I put the note in an envelope that night and wrote “Trump wins!” at the bottom of the page before sealing it. I gave it to my wife and told her not to open it until Election Day, telling her nothing of the contents inside.

I voted absentee because I had a class in Baltimore that week and that evening, Election night, I dropped some paper work off at my partner’s hotel room. After knocking, I entered and found him at the desk sitting in his boxers and a button down shirt.

You had to be there to see that sight.

I found him punching the keys on his computer. After he stopped, he leaned back in his chair and lamented; “I’m stressing out and can’t watch t.v. tonight”, referring to the election coverage

I told him; “Do what I’m gonna do, watch chick flicks on the Hallmark channel.” I then went on to say he would wake up a happy man and would be so overcome with joy, he’d want to kiss me on the lips come morning.161109045042-election2016-wellesley-4-exlarge-169

When we train on the road we put in a full days work and when we get back to the hotel, we’re ready to crash.

True to my word, I watched Hallmark that night and as they say in the ghetto, “fell out in the crib” with the t.v. on.images-4

I woke up sometime after midnight and channel surfed for a few minutes. Keep in mind all polls across the nation were now closed.

At the bottom of the screen one of the networks covering the election posted a little blurb reporting Hillary wasn’t going to her campaign HQ that night.


I thought something was up with that piece of info.

I “fell out” again. Translated, I fell back to sleep with the tv still on and woke after 2 am to find John Podesta, a longtime Clinton hack, telling supporters to go home.images-3

Podesta assured the faithful every vote would be counted.

My thought was that they were lying to their followers (again) and knew it was over.

A few minutes later Trump was declared the winner and the rest is history.

The next morning my partner was so happy he danced in front of the class. By the way I didn’t let him kiss me. It’s a wonder none of the students complained because we were in a liberal stronghold where I’m sure many voted for the loser.

The thing about the Clinton’s is they disdain their followers and use them for whatever milage they can get out of them. She didn’t have the class to face them or the nation to concede defeat.

As many were leaving that night, they told reporters they felt used and lied to.5822b6fc1600002f002c948f

Remember my pastor friend?

Shortly before the election he was preaching to a men’s group and brought up the upcoming election. He told them of his struggles and how God assured him He’s run nations with men like Daniel and Joseph at the helm.

He saw the facial expressions on many in his audience change and knew he hit on important point – I might add this was something out of character because he rarely, if ever, speaks on political things.

He knew he connected with his audience on this point, and maybe it was the Lord that cleared the fog. Whatever the case, I’m sure it caused many of those guys to walk away from that meeting and pull the lever for Trump.nypdsticker

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the NYPD for pushing the envelope where it concerns Hillary Clinton’s criminality.

Things discovered on Wiener’s laptop before the election have high-rollers, including many elected officials and celebrities squirming over their involvement in the exploitation of young children.

Some now calling for heads of current Trump cabinet members are in it up to their ears.

They’re using these unjustified attacks to deflect attention away from pedophilia. By the way, I might add many people in media, people you invite into your home each day to report the news, are also said to be involved. Not only in the cover-up, but in the criminal activity.

One prominent Christian businessman in my community told me we need to ask God to shed light on this investigation and bring it out in the open.

After all, darkness cannot stand up to the light of Christ.

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