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GeneralWashingtonSpeaking about the president’s stone-cold attitude on things taking place at home and abroad, a guest on a national talk show said there’s, “No Washington on the horse.” (1)

We have a president acting like a horse’s petute, but the people who voted for him a second time are. If that’s you, then you own some of what’s taking place because you allowed yourself to be deceived again.

Don’t give me that “God is in control” bit when He through the Founders gave us the right to vote and we fail to examine, or ignore, a candidate’s character. Why is it, that when we make the wrong choice we always blame Him?

I’ve always thought that a number of people using that line were either lazy, cowardly, or both. If that’s you, step up! (See Deuteronomy 20:8  and Judges 7:3).

Many Americans are in a tizzy over the way the president handled a number of issues, wondering why he’s not doing more – like going to the southern border. He’s not stupid at all. Hang with me, I’ll explain.

Mark Levin, dubbed the “Great One” by his friend and fellow talk show host Sean Hannity, provides the answer. The Marxist’s now in power, the radicals from the 60’s who took part in destructive protests, are engaged in a full “frontal assault” against us. (2)

The foundations of our country must be destroyed first in order for the statists, as Levin calls them, to remake us. That is the transformation the President was talking about.

They continually try to wear us down and divide us in every possible way: The chaos on the border; the health care law; intentionally destroying the rule of law; breaking ties with allies, namely Israel; intentionally diminishing the role of the US on the world stage; affecting the outcome of the last national election by turning the IRS on law-abiding conservative groups and citizens; attacks on capitalism, coal mines, energy, private property; the corruption and numerous scandals have been deliberately orchestrated to bring about our country’s demise as we know it.

Once there’s enough “misery and unhappiness” then government moves in, like in the health care debacle, and “will dictate how and whether a person lives.” Levin calls this a “massive shift from liberty to governmental tyranny.” (3)

Don’t stroke out over the President’s conduct. He knows exactly what he’s doing and doesn’t give a rip about you, your friends, your family or the nation. It’s all part of the transformational process.

Many knew Obama was the wrong choice from the get-go but sheep, including the many Chrisitan’s who voted for him, are always easily led.

The analogy of ‘Washington on the horse’ signifies the lack of genuine leadership in America today. The guest on the radio may have beenBarack Obama, John Hickenlooper referring to Valley Forge when American troops hunkered down there that winter. Washington didn’t use the opportunity for photo ops or meaningless speeches, his presence in the sight of his men was enough. He was there with them!

As dire as the circumstances were the nation rebounded because America had a leader who loved his country, loved his troops, and above all, loved his God.

(1) Mark Levin with guest Dan Bongino, 07-17-14; (2) 07-15-14; (3) Ibid


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  1. Susan Fulcher Says:

    What I would like to say, I will refrain from doing so.I agree he definitely knows what he is doing. I struggle with the fact that through the prayers of the righteous, God allows him to continue on his path of destruction. We must have some very ignorant people in this land that they are unable to see what is truly happening. I pray for him, but do not give him the honor of listening to his diatribes or watching him speak on television. He is truly a phony and a disgrace to this nation!

  2. Linnae Says:

    Dad, do you think he was voted in a second time, or do you think it was voter fraud? Or both? I’m really struggling with the whole respect thing with him. I know the Bible says to respect the position, but I don’t know how to do that with Obama.

  3. Writer Says:


    President Obama was elected for a 2nd term, everything else is meaningless. We are commanded to pray for all in authority, Congress, the Judiciary and the Executive, in this case Mr. Obama and his family. Praying for state and local officials and for police officers is also on the table too.

    Proverbs 21:1 states; “The kings heart (or a president) is in the hand of the LORD, like the rivers of water; He turns it wherever He wishes.”

    Although Obama is the most destructive President in our history we need to (and have) prayed for God to protect him and his family; for widsom; that he would recognize he needs more than human leadership. Also, that the LORD would bring wise (and godly) counselors his way. Pray that he would turn to the One True God (See also Romans 13:1-7, 1 Timothy 2:1-6).

    When you struggle doing this, read the record of Christ’s trial, especially before that pip-squeek Pilate (John 18:28-40 and 19:1-16).

    This doesn’t mean that we capitulate to tyranny, because Romans 13 makes it clear government was created by God and all leaders have to do it His way – that’s why our Forefathers told King George III to take a hike, because they believed, and made the case, that George III put himself above God’s law.

    Well did William Penn warn; “Men MUST be governed by God or they will be ruled by tyrants.” Think they knew what they were talking about? I do….

    Love you, too!

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