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rtr3vehcNow that things have ramped up in Gaza along with the shooting down of a civilian plane, reporting on our southern border is non-existent. Meanwhile, a number of pastors across America reached out to Joel Rosenberg asking if it’s safe to bring their church groups to Israel. Are they serious?

American media continues bashing Israel by plastering propaganda of Palestinian casualties across your flat screen, giving scant coverage that Hamas (backed by Iran and others) started the mess by lobbing a continuous barrage of rockets into the country.

Outwardly, the Arab world continues its assault on Israeli’s while our President and his minions lecture them on the rules of engagement.

President Obama has shown open hostility towards Israel more than any president in American history, while Secretary of State John Kerry is putting enormous pressure on them to pull troops out.

I’ve expressed much concern over the way President Obama has shown disdain for Israel and had hopes pastor’s across America would call their congregations to prayer, bringing the ills we face before the LORD as previous generations did. (As I write, Joel Rosenberg reported on his Flash Traffic blog that Prime Minister Benjamin Netyanhu called his nation to prayer and fasting). (1)

I’m sure these pastor’s are genuinely concerned for the safety of their people, and hope they will follow Bib’s example! When will it take though, to wake us up?

Let me explain. Better yet, I’ll let Judge Roy Moore do it: : “The depiction of Moses with the tablets of theroymoore_cake3 Ten Commandments is prominently displayed on the United States Supreme Court building is a fitting reminder to our Nation and its highest Court of that divine law upon which our law and system of justice is predicated.

A renewed understanding of our legal heritage will insure the preservation of liberty and justice in our land, and will assure America’s role as a beacon of hope and encouragement to the people of the world. May the laws of Nature and of Nature’s God upon which we began as a Nation again revive the spirit of liberty and freedom in our land.” (2)

Washington warned there would be consequences if we ignored the “eternal rules…that heaven ordained” and because of President Obama’s hatred for Israel America could be in for a big burn.

The “laws of Nature” are whatever God say’s is law, IS law (Read Genesis 12:1-3 again).

God needs no one to protect Israel, He’s been doing just fine all by Himself for thousands of years, thank you! And if you’ve been following the story you know Israel has been miraculously protected from mass casualties a result of all the rounds coming down range.

Israels-real-Iron-DomeUntil ground ops started there was only one casualty due to rocket fire, and reports say it occurred after a person exited their vehicle while air raid sirens sounded, only to be struck by another.

Think that’s coincidence?



(1)Joel Rosenberg Flash Traffic blog 07-20-14; (2) Our Legal Heritage by Foundation for Moral Law, Inc. 2001 Forward written by Judge Roy S. Moore. The cartoon “Israel’s Iron Dome” was published in the Jewish Tribune.

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  1. Susan Fulcher Says:

    God certainly does not need help protecting His people.Those who are not with Israel are against them and God. Obama and his administration have no idea with Whom they are dealing.

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