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32_JesusOnMountOlive_op_720x468You will be hated by all men for my name’s sake.” Jesus Christ in Matthew 10:22

In order to defeat our enemy we must define them.

Todd Starnes tells us we’re “at war with an enemy Obama won’t acknowledge. An enemy that shows no mercy and wants to kills Jews, Christians and homosexuals…What happened in Orlando was the work of a jihadist – not a law-abiding NRA member. It was an Islamic radical who slaughtered those people — not a deer hunter.

We’re constantly being told not to rush to judgment against muslims even though “A muslim of Afghan heritage guns down 49 people in a nightclub.” (1)

Starnes also notes the only “clergyman” present at the press conference after the Orlando attack was the senior imam for the Islamic Society of Central Florida?


He said we need more gun control after “a jihadi killed Americans on American soil?

“So, we’re back to debating gun control instead of jihadi and border control.” (2)

An ACLU attorney points the finger at the Christian right. “We are being told up is down, the sky is the earth, black is white. If this shooting in Orlando can be the fault of the Christian right, then there is no reality.”

ACLU staff attorney Chase Strangio tweeted on Sunday morning ‘about 50 people were killed last night by…a U.S. citizen born to Afghan parents suspected to have leanings toward extreme Islamic ideologies.” The FBI is investigating the attack as a “domestic terror incident.”

But Strangio “spend[s his] life fighting Christian homophobia while being loved & supported by [his] Muslim family” — and his colleagues connected the shooting back to Christians and Republican politicians who oppose gay marriage. “The Christian Right has introduced 200 anti-LGBT bills in the last six months and people blaming Islam for this.” (3)

Like the Nazi’s of the 1930’s, Marxist’s are turning this incident around and blaming Christians. Wait, and you’ll see I’m right.images-1

What’s going on is a failure of the Democrat party.” (4)

Those Marxists who have been repeatedly voted back into office have created this problem with Islamic jihadi’s (deliberately, I might add), and now look to punish law-abiding citizens by taking more rights away.

Some Republicans are giving up and joing with the Left.

Take a good look at the photo below to see happens when they take your gun away. You’ll end up like this poor guy and his kid.b53a277b7aa20e8c7bb69cfa6d4464ddWhile I’m at it, this isn’t an election as to who you’ll be voting for, but who you’re voting against. In this case you’ll be, or should be, voting against Clinton or Sanders.

If you sit this one out because you have issues with Trump, then it’s on you.

President Obama is now showing his anger – not to the radical Islamic terrorists – but to law-abiding American citizens. He really shows his anger when he’s attacking Americans, but when it comes to the enemy he’s very monotone and soft-spoken. After three speeches following the Orlando terror attack, Obama has not once united the American people. Instead we get lectures about Islam and gun control. Also, the fact that Republicans can’t respond to Obama is appalling. There is not a leader among the so called leaders including Mitch McConnell. The only time they get angry is when they are attacking Ted Cruz.” (5)

The country is disintegrating in front of our eyes while many look the other way while the Bill of Rights is being trashed.

Todd Starnes weighed in again and said that many “do not understand this central truth: the Second Amendment protects all of the other Amendments.”

The clarion call has gone out to step-up security at venues across the nation.

How’s that going to work in light of Psalm 127:1; “Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchman stays wakes in vain?”Unknown

How’s that going to work in a country that has kicked God out of everything?

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