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Badge - 2008 electionWhen Gideon concluded his successful military campaign the Israeli’s wanted to crown him king. He declined and told them to serve God (Judges 8:22-23).

Gideon realized his time in the spotlight was over and he went back to the home he lived in before the battle started (Judges 8:29). In some cases, he epitomized what a public servant should be, a servant not a lord, and an example for our leaders in Washington to follow.

However, he had one son, Abimelech, who thirsted for power and seized it illegally by lying to the people of Shechem. He told them that his brothers wanted to rule over them, and even though there’s no indication they wanted the job, Abimelech conned them into helping him kill them. That is all, except one.

His three year reign was a disaster that resulted in his death. Gideon brought this trouble on himself because he had ‘many wives’ and fathered Abimelech by some wench, who no doubt was part of the spoils of war. In the process, he violated God’s command of marriage (Genesis 2:24).

The manner in which Abimelech usurped power reminds me how the Marxists in our government are acting today. Those engaged in evil always blame their opponents.

Today the Left constantly attacks the pillars of our society, while at the same time blaming the other side.

In our day, The Marxists accuse conservative groups of trying to suppress the votes of minorityUnknown groups.

The issue of traditional marriage is where the battle is being waged at the moment.

These bums are engaged in a well coordinated “litigation strategy to get these cases in front of liberal…activist judges, and then get this stuff up to the Supreme Court. Hope you got the four libs and Kennedy and boom, boom, it’s all done.” (1)

All the while federal courts are “overturning decisions by the people in the states. These were votes taken by the people. I don’t care if they were ten years ago or six years ago. And these federal judges are overturning them. All of a sudden…because Obama announced two years ago for political reasons, because he wanted more donations, that he supports same-sex marriage. Apparently, before that he was a homophobic bigot. But now he’s the ‘second coming’ on this issue, and now the judges fall in line. So what does that tell you?” (2)

It tells us that your victim of voter suppression. Pay attention!

(1) and (2): Mark Levin, Mark Levin Show, 03-21-14

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