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After eleven years of war, we are now once again being subjected to a constant barrage of media hype that two top generals are womanizers. We are asked to believe, at least from these accounts, that these men who have served honorably for years, led troops into battle, were architects of numerous campaigns, have conducted themselves no better than junior high schoolboys during their first crush.

The far left, stateists as Mark Levin calls them, implemented this tactic to get your eyes off Benghazi – where many speculate the hands of Hillary Clinton, Leon Panetta, Susan Rice and President Obama are stained with blood.

Remember, the job of point man is to warn of danger, and in some cases, to absorb the first shock of the enemy. So, “I’ll take the hit” and come out and say what I believe is really happening. Not only is this a diversion, but we are seeing a purge take place of America’s most prominent military commanders.

The tactics employed by Marxists (and you’ve seen this played out before especially when the Clinton’s are around), is to manufacture crisis, publish it continually, then implement their solution.

No doubt, we’ll see the careers and characters of two fine men, their families, and possibly others before its over, destroyed. As Rush Limbaugh would tell us the Left always maintains; ‘It’s the seriousness of the charge’ that must be investigated. However, it’s never applied to them, just conservatives or their opposition.

Meanwhile, as she always does, Hillary Clinton conveniently skates away. The official line is that she’ll be out of the country, unable to testify before Congress this week. Yea, right!

We, on the other hand, need to demand through our elected representatives that she (and others) be compelled testify regarding what they know. Remember, these people are not kings and queens (even though they think they are) and we’re not their subjects!

So, now were told we must examine the conduct of two premier military men and whether or not they compromised national security. Yet, we still haven’t received any answers on why someone deeply connected to the Muslim Brotherhood (Huma Abedin) is in the employ of our esteemed secretary of state. Her own husband, former congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY), resigned in disgrace after he was found to be involved in a scandal of his own making.

Remember when ‘Bubba’ was President? The line then was that public and private lives of leaders didn’t matter, so long as the person involved governed properly – which means to the Left.

Its always America’s institutions that are corrupt and in need of a make over, the FBI, Secret Service, and now the military. Yet, no one dare scrutinize the Clintons. Why?

Marxists are destroying another pillar of the republic before our eyes, in this case the military, and these men will quite possibly be replaced by people with lesser abilities or “yes men.” The release of the Petraeus resignation two days before Veterans Day was also a swipe at those who are or have served.(1)

This is a very dangerous time for our nation and troops. Ignore the diversion and keep focused on Libya. The administration, who already lied to us, wants to side-track us with sordid stories.

We need to hold them accountable through our congressional representatives.


4 Comments to “Some Observations from the Point”

  1. Susan Fulcher Says:

    I’ve reached the point where I do not believe any truth or good will come out of Washington. The corruptness is deep and cemented with cover.

  2. Deb Says:

    There is SO MUCH more going on here. So much more….

  3. Kelly Says:

    You’ve nailed it again concerning the “purge” of our military and the Marxist direction our government is taking Steve, but as Deb said, there is SO MUCH more! Though America has been on the decline for a very long time, we are definitely picking up speed and headlong for destruction. It is frightening.

    I think about how the German people were regular folks just trying to get by, with antisemetism growing in the shadows. And then in only a few years almost an entire nation was caught up into a possessed man’s vision, a war of conquest and an unthinkable “final solution” for the Jews… Shades of the Antichrist.

  4. Writer Says:

    Appreciate you ladies weighing in. Susan and Deb, your comments are right on target and I surmise they sum up how many feel at the moment.

    Kelly, you’ve also hit the nail on the head.

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