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  General Carter Ham was relieved of command on September 11, 2012 after refusing to “stand down” when he set in motion a plan to rescue four Americans who were being attacked in Libya

Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette, commander of the Mideast carrier strike force group, was going to provide assistance to General Ham’s forces when he was relieved at the same time for “allegations of inappropriate leadership judgement.”

Brigadier General Jeffrey A. Sinclair, who holds a very important command position, was relieved of command on September 21, and charged with ‘sexual misconduct.’ Hmmm, interesting!

Navy Commander Joseph Darlak, along with ten junior officers, was relieved of command of the USS Vandergrift for “demonstrating poor leadership and failure to ensure the proper conduct of his wardroom officers.”  Sinclair and Darlak, both very good friends, possess crucial information as to what really occurred in Benghazi on September 11, 2012.

War has broken out in Israel and President Obama has said nothing about rockets being fired into Tel Aviv. I suspect he’s not going to life a finger to help them, which will result in catastrophe for us (See Genesis 12:1-3).

Some believe the president “manufactured” his anger in his rush to defend UN Ambasador Susan Rice for her role in the Benghazi fiasco. The president stated he did not appreciate those who were ‘besmirching’ the reputation of one of his appointees,(1) yet, he’s been busy removing our top military commanders at lightening speed.

Another tactic of Alinskite disciples is to accuse the opposition of the very thing they themselves are currently engaged in. It’s a shame Obama hasn’t afforded the same consideration to these fine men whose careers are being devoured by a complicit media. All should be called to testify before Congress.

From the onset, many have suspected the Benghazi attack reeks of cover-up. Think ‘I’m all wet?’ Then punch the name Billy Dale into a search engine and learn what the Clinton’s did to him – an innocent man who harmed  no one, yet they destroyed his life over trumped up charges for absolutely no reason, just to get him out of the White House Travel office. The was the beginning of numerous scandals that dragged the country down while the Clinton’s took up residence in Washington.

The president promised to transform America and “what we’re seeing is the transformation of the US military” (2) at the risk of national security. Hope you sleep well tonight.

There are other prominent officers who have been relieved since O took office, but I’ll let you chew on this for a bit.

By the way, anybody seen Hillary? Ahhh,I thought so…

(1) Greg Gutfeld on The O’Reilly Factor, 11-15-12

(2) Roger Hedgecock, The Roger Hedgecock 11-15-12 during a call into his show by the writer.





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  1. Kelly Says:

    Steve, you are so right about the “war” this administration is waging on our military commanders and that the media is complicit in it.

    Tonight at 10:00, NBC “Rock Center” with Brian Wilson, is running a special by Andrea Mitchell on our nation’s Four Star Generals: STAR POWER – Cult of Power! This certainly is part of the media barrage to sway public opinion against our existing military leadership, to the end of reformation by this administration.

    This administration is dismantling this nation’s security from its economy and industry to most importantly our military. At a time when the United States has an aggressive world power enemy that vows daily to destroy it, we are being hung out like meat to the hungry wolves.

    I’ve always figured Obama as a non-religious man, not a Muslim and certainly not a Christian. But it matters not what he considers himself, he is infected and powered by the same spirit of antichrist that is destroying what the U.S. was and is engulfing our present world.

    Don’t misunderstand I’m not proclaiming that Obama is THE Antichrist, although that is a thought. My estimation is that the revelation of THE Antichrist is just around the corner! I am not a student of prophecy, it all boggles my mind. Nevertheless I can’t help seeing the NEW America as the woman riding the beast, Revelation 17-18, or Babylon itself. I am sometimes overwhelmed with grief.

  2. Kelly Says:

    Sorry, NBC Rock Center host is Brian Williams, not Wilson.

  3. Deb Says:

    Wow Kelly! While you may not have studied prophecy, you have a much greater grasp of what is happening (connecting the dots between what scripture says and what your eyes see and ears hear) than many of those who HAVE studied things pertaining to the End of Days. I surmise that you have been given a gift that will be essential to survival in the days, weeks and months ahead: discernment. <3

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