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FaithSt.PaultobeBeheadedNotCheapgraceThere’s a guy by the name of Demas mentioned only three times in scripture. In one verse he’s called a ‘fellow laborer’ by Paul along with a few other guys. So we can surmise that he was a believer mentored by Paul (Philemon 24).

As you read 2 Timothy, Paul is about to be whacked by the emperor after being locked up for a capital offense.

The Biblical record is quite clear on what Demas did: “Demas has forsaken me, having loved this present world, and has departed for Thessolonica… (2 Timothy 4:9)”

No one is saying he wasn’t a Christian, but he abandoned his buddy when he needed him most.

Demas lacked the courage to stand up for Paul and their faith, wanting a more convenient, comfortable, and less threatening life-style, if you will. So he got out while the getting was good. (1)

Many modern American Christians are like him. They want to escape what’s coming down the pike, not at all concerned with confronting the encroaching tyranny now upon us. They’re looking for more friendlier confines like fantasy football, their jobs, or other mindless distractions.

Sorry, this won’t cut it. You’re obligated to defend what God has given. However many of you, including a whole host of pastors, have run away.

The ‘latest deal’ struck by the Senate sticks it to the American people and does nothingsaratu1 to protect our liberties.

In the process, the government has become increasingly hostile to our faith in Jesus Christ. Radicals are already loading up for the next big fight, which will take place in the church, to get same-sex marriage legalized across the land.

Many of our Founders went broke to give you what you have – something they never got to enjoy.

These are times will test us and we’ll see what we’re made of.

Some Christians will fold like Demas did, and already have. Others will betray us, while a small few, maybe three percent, will stand like Paul until the end (2 Timothy 4:16-18). (2)

(1) David Jeremiah, The Fear of Being Alone, 10-13-13; (2) Mark Levin, Mark Levin Show, 10-17-13.

2 Comments to “Running Away When Things Get Hot”

  1. Deborah Homeister Says:

    How I wish we could reach more. Sometimes I feel like I’d like to actually blow a shofar directly into the ears of the sleeping multitude.

    “Some times I feel discouraged,
    And think my work’s in vain,
    But then the Holy Spirit
    Revives my soul again.
    There is a balm in Gilead
    To make the wounded whole;
    There is a balm in Gilead
    To heal the sin-sick soul.”

  2. Dan Says:

    Great reminder, great article, thank you!

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