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bayoneting_ChineseWhen Japan invaded China in 1937 they rounded up their victims, threw them in a pit and used them as pin cushions to teach soldiers how to use a bayonet.

Imperial Japan under Hirohito and Tojo was brutal. Many Japanese thought the Hirohito was god.

They forced women into sexual slavery for their troops, “gutted and beheaded” Allied prisoners and ate in some cases, ate their flesh. (1)WW2-US-Propaganda-Poster-against-Japanese-THIS-IS-THE-ENEMY

They attacked Allied hospitals and hospital ships killing those treating the wounded. Nothing was off limits.japway

Once again our president, in order to show his disdain for America, visited Japan to honor “everyone” killed in the World War II.

President Obama is not stupid, he knows exactly what he’s doing.

As one caller to Rush Limbaugh put it, he’s lied about Health Care, the Iranian deal and deliberately takes the wrong side on racial incidents between citizens and police before the facts are in.

Of course, he also came out on the wrong side of the World War II, and used this as another opportunity to flip us “The Bird.”

He’s nothing but an “angry leftist out to destroy the nation, seeking to rewrite history, destroy our economic system, our culture and Constitutional system.” (2)

Scripture say’s we need to pray for our leaders and many of us do. In some instances, like in the case of Manasseh (2 Chronicles 33:11-17, 34-35), they repent and come to the Lord.

Problem is, the damage they inflict on a country is, at times, irreversible.wake-up-america

Their polices have so infected the nation that the people themselves are now the problem – which is what happened in Israel way back when (See also 2 Kings 21:16, 23:26 and 24:3).

“How gracious of God to see Manasseh’s repentance, hear his prayer, and restore him to Jerusalem. But even God’s forgiveness could not automatically nullify the king’s bad example or undo the terrible damge he had done in the land. Sin has consequences long after sinners are forgiven.” (4)

That’s why only God’s intervention, a genuine revial, will change things.

As we move on from another Memorial Day we need to remember those who have fought and died so valiantly in the South Pacific during World War II and the wars that followed.

Imagine what the world would be like today if Japan or Germany had won?

Thank God for Harry Truman who stepped up and did the right thing where over 80 million had been killed.

We sure could use a man like him in the White House today.


Obama has no appreciation for America because everything’s been handed to him. He’s been given a pass by the press and many in the public. (4)

Not once has he said anything about the unprovoked attack on our naval forces at Pearl Harbor or the atrocities committed in prison camps.

He can’t wait to apologize to our enemies of the past.

(1-2, 4) Mark Levin,, 05-27-16; (3) Warren Wiersbe, With the Word – A Devotional Commentary, 2 Chronicles 33, page 251

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  1. Kinda Says:

    This is all true. Americans and Christians need to wake up and repent!

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