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th“Peoples lives are being shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation. Some are true and some are false. Some are old and some are new. There is no recovery for someone falsely accused – life and career are gone. Is there no such thing any longer as Due Process?” President Donald Trump, February 10, 2018

The “big news” out of Washington is that two members of President Trump’s staff resigned due to allegations of domestic assault.

Now, I shouldn’t have to preface this but I will by saying that no one condones anyone slapping another person around, especially their spouse.

But why is it that a number of the big shooters at the center of the governmental surveillance abuse scandal are still on the job or walking around free while everyone else gets broomed?

Where’s the judge who issued the warrants in the first place? He was duped. So, why haven’t we heard from him?


As only he can, Rush Limbaugh gave his listeners another bit of news that mainstream media is ignoring.

It’s done deliberately to lay cover fire to protect big-wigs at the FBI and DOJ along with the prominent players from the Obama Administration – including the previous president.

“Hugh Hewitt had a series of Text – tweets, I should more properly say — and this has not been reported in the mainstream media, either. Any of you ever heard of the guy named David Laufman, L-a-u-f-m-a-n? You haven’t heard of him, right? (interruption) Well, I will admit that I, El Rushbo, had never heard of him, either. But he resigned. I know many of you are saying, “So?” Well, who was he? David Laufman was the deputy assistant attorney general for national security. He was the primary supervisor over counterintelligence work in national security.

David Laufman (photo below) would have had a hand in the approval of the FISA application of Carter Page. Whenever an application is submitted to the FISA court, there are a lot of people at the FBI and the national security apparatus that review the application and pass muster on it, give it their stamp of approval, which moves it along the process. This guy, David Laufman — deputy assistant attorney general for the national security division — was the primary supervisor over counterintelligence work in the national security wing of the DOJ.QTisu0SA

He would have had a hand in the approval of the FISA application. He resigned effective immediately yesterday. Maybe Wednesday. The day the Nunes memo hits and the Grassley memo hits. The week we learn that the Steele dossier — a pack of unsubstantiated, uncorroborated lies — was in fact used to secure a FISA warrant, and it was renewed three times to spy on Carter Page (and, incidentally, anybody else Carter Page was talking to) this guy resigns. Now, nobody knows why, but it’s highly suspicious.

He’d been working at this office since 2014. He had worked under Sally Yates. He had worked under Loretta Lynch in the chain of command. Now the very FISA application he was instrumental in approving is being questioned for its legitimacy, and there is an inspector general investigation going on. Some say, “This is what happens when you find out you’re being investigated. You quit. You get out of there.”

It’s just another little news story that nobody has seen — it’s not being reported on — that tells a whole lot about what is being uncovered here! The rats are fleeing the ship as the light is turned up bright on what happened. That is how this is being interpreted.” (1)th

This is criminal and all involved, including Obama, need to give answers and be held accountable.

If people, including mainstream media, are pushing President Trump to testify before Robert Mueller’s committee than Barak Obama should have to tell what he knew.

As Mark Levin puts it; “What did Obama know and when did he know it? (2)

Why does he always get a pass?


By the way, we still don’t know where he was the night Benghazi went down.

As the National Review’s Andrew McCarthy has reported, Obama knowingly and repeatedly sent communications to Clinton via her non government, unsecured email and server. One assumes those emails involved classified information, not yoga schedules. That meant if Clinton were guilty of committing felonies, so was Obama. Because they were joined at the hip over this and other toxic controversies, such as Benghazi, she required protection in order to protect him. To this day, they survive or fall together. Hence, Obama’s support of her candidacy over his preferred choice, Joe Biden, and the necessity of the email cover-up.

He and his allies have never taken their eyes off the prize. They cannot allow their progressive gains to be erased (and replaced by far more successful economic and national security policies) and their history of abuses to be exposed. Having never expected a Trump victory, the Obama and Clinton squads have been throwing the kitchen sink at him in an effort to protect themselves — and to try to backstop their hard-won “transformative” achievements.

Restoring the progressive revolution is also why loyal Obama soldiers such as Biden and Eric Holder are considering White House runs. In the meantime, they must try to destroy Trump, his agenda, and the investigations that are quickly turning against them. After all, if Trump doesn’t just endure but succeeds, Obama, Clinton, their brigades and the larger decades-long radical movement have everything to lose.” (3)

A number of governmental agencies were “weaponized” under Barak Obama to “fundamentally transform” America, hurt political opponents and the American People.

To quote Sean Hannity; “The Constitution has been shredded” and civil liberties have come under a more sinister kind of attack.

Enough of secret courts. This isn’t Russia, Korea, Iran or Red China.

Your Senators and Representative in Congress needs to hear from you on this.

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