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iu-3President Trump communicates directly with the American people more than any president in history. The fact that the White House press corps can no longer grandstand on TV is of no concern to us.” Stephanie Grisham, White House Press Secretary (1)

Like Him or not, President Trump is taking out his foes one by one.

Recently, he took four of the most radical members on the Left and successfully portrayed them as the new face of the Democrat party – something that may not sit well with the old Blue Dog Dems in 2020.

He showed you how a true leader defends his troops by punching back against one of the most corrupt members in Congress after he launched an attack on one of his cabinet appointees.

Now, he’s taken the media out of the ballgame.

“For two or three weeks running now, every time Trump has done one of these press conferences on the way to the helicopter, I have pointed out how masterful they are. I pointed out earlier this week that Trump appears to be a maestro because he’s the only person you see.

You don’t see the reporters, which is brilliant, gets ’em away from face time, prevent them from showboating. Nobody even knows who they are. They sound like a bunch of 6-year-old first graders shouting at the teacher. And Trump is pointing when their time to speak is and holding a hand up when they’re to stop and waving them away when they’re making no sense and pointing to somebody else.

It’s a brilliant, brilliant virtuoso performance. And it goes on for 30 minutes and it replaced the daily White House press briefing. But the main point of it is that it has deemphasized the face time and show-off, showboat potential for the Drive-By Media.” (2)90

By holding conferences before taking off, Mr. Trump has shown the America people that members of mainstream media are “unruly and disorganzied…and there’s no question it works to his advantage.” (3)

It’s fun to watch this, folks.

(1).Trump’s ‘chopper talk’ news conferences blow away White House press corps: by Danielle Wallace, 08-23-19, Fox News; (2). My Observation on White House Pressers Now News by Rush Limbaugh, The Rush Limbaugh Show 08-23-19, on the EIB Network; (3). Trump’s ‘chopper talk’ puts media on the defensive by Michael Calderone and Daniel Lippman, 08-22-19

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  1. Kinda Says:

    I agree, Steve. I am so glad that they have stopped the daily Press Conferences. This way, Trump is completely in control.

  2. Phyllis Says:

    I agree. Also I believe that his tweets, while sometimes a little raw, are his own words that the media cannot twist or spin.

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