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iu-15Here’s another letter.

When you have rats in the house, you call in an exterminator. In 2016, that’s what Americans did when they elected Donald Trump President. He was hired to clean out the rat’s nest. We are in very crucial times, the war continues to escalate.

Last weekend, a member of Antifa was killed by police officers when he attacked a government building. We can expect more attacks of this nature.

Many Christans need to wake up and quit reading Scripture through rose-colored glasses. We’ve become a society that knows very little about sacrifice and our obligation to defend our God-given rights.

There are four radicals in Congress that must be defeated in the next election. If their Marxist ideology prevails, the next generation, our kids and grandkids, will lives as slaves under an iron-fisted regime.

Media and Leftists “want us to view them as victims, but they need to be called out for who they are – reprobates!” (1) 

And that’s exactly what President Donald Trump has done.

Here’s my most recent letter to my Rep in Congress:iu-17

I’m fed up with the anti-American diatribe coming from some members in Congress. When the Left loses they become unhinged and resort to all kind of Alinsky-style tactics, including violence.

In 2000 it was “hanging chads,” after the 2016 election it’s “Russian collusion.”

Over 40 million dollars has been spent scamming the American people with bogus investigations in order to overturn the election of a duly elected president. All of which was designed from the on-set to lay cover fire in an effort to protect Madame Clinton.

Americans are fully aware of what’s going on on the Democrat side regarding their anti-Americanism. I love it when the President “tweets.”

When he told the four Congresswoman to love America or leave it, he put the Democrat party in the “trick bag”. Democrat leadership was forced to come out and defend the most radical individuals in the party. Those who make anti-Jewish, Anti-American statements. Those who have no intention to assimilating to the American way of life.

President Trump wanted Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat leadership to adopt the socialism and communism that Cortez, Talib and Omar are pushing. They took the bait and the President has shown the modern Democrat Party is openly Communist, led by young, aspiring anti-Americans.

The Left goes nuts because they can’t defend their position and provide a sufficient answer and they resort to their favorite weapon – calling someone who tells the truth a racist. Big deal!

I wont be surprised if voters are drawn away from the Dems in the next election. Judging by the fact that 3.5 million people were discovered to be on voter roles illegally, its no wonder we’re forced to put up with the antics of people who have an intense dislike for America and are working feverishly to destroy the nation.iu-18

Make your voices heard!

(1). Mark Levin

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