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military_training_1600x1200Let’s review of our training principle briefly. It should be difficult, mentally and physically. Taking students to stressfully dark places in a controlled environment, so when the enemy takes a them there, it won’t be their first time.

On May 31, 1944 General George Patton delivered a speech to the 3rd Army’s 6th Armored Division and was to have said; “Now I want you to remember that no bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. You won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.” (1)images-3

We need general’s like that today, but people would stroke out after hearing such talk. Besides, we may cause some hurt feelings amongst the enemy.

(A lot of people complained about “the tone” used by candidates during the early days of the presidential campaign, making we wonder what we’d do if Elijah were here today slinging out rebukes like he did in his day.)unknown

In the early days of the Afghan War, the line from the Bush Administration was that we were there; to “win the hearts and minds” of the people.

While at a training class on the east coast, a t-shirt worn by a battle-hardened soldier read; “Hearts and minds are just targets.

Think for a moment what that means.

That’s the mindset needed to stop ISIS. The only way to beat their ideology is to spank them on the battlefield, not build more mosques or have “sensitivity training” every time they holler ‘discrimination.’

America defeated this so-called ideology when our fathers and grandfathers won wars on two fronts during WWII.patriotism

The country didn’t give a rip when the enemy was spoken of in unfavorable terms, because they were evil and were committing horrible atrocities.

The objective was to win.

Hitler thought he had been given a divine mandate from God, while the Japanese people believed Hirohito was god.anti_japanese_propaganda7-ww2shots

The next time someone bashes Truman for dropping bombs over Japan, remind them that the Germans and Jap’s were working on one also. We just beat them to the punch.

If either one of those nations dropped “the bomb” first, half of the world would have gone up in smoke, while those that survived would have lived under the boots of dictators.

There are “banana pies” in all professions. In police work or in the military it doesn’t become evident until the person is exposed to the stress and pressure of training.

There are reports the young man who took his life at Parris Island “had gone over the edge,” threatening suicide if he wasn’t allowed to go home.

Medical help and law enforcement were summoned and treated him. Once he calmed down, he was said to have changed his mind and wanted to remain in the military.images-4

The are huge holes in the way this story is being reported by some outlets, what those in the legal world would call reasonable doubt.

No evidence has been presented the man was the victim of any hazing or discrimination.

It may just be that he was frightened after having his eyes opened to the realities of  what he would likely face in war.

There’s been no evidence the Drill Instructor (DI) did something to cause his death.

War is tough. Dying is tougher. Being captured by ISIS is unthinkable. Just ask the Jordanian pilot burned alive in a cage or the Christian’s being slaughtered.american-army-training

President Obama and his appointee, Ash Carter, and now Debbie Dingle, are working overtime to weaken the US military which ultimately effects the security of the country. That’s the real issue.

Congress has also been derelict in their duty by allowing this madness to continue.

The family of this young man are reviewing the case with their attorney, who is of Arabic decent, to decide their next step. Which means they’re going sue.

This is another tactic the Left and CAIR employs. They can’t beat us at the ballot box or on the battlefield, so they go out and file a suit in a circuit infested with Leftist judges. The enemy uses the Constitution and our laws against us to transform the country – something that we must stop.hqdefault

People may be upset with some of the quotes and language used in some posts. However, it’s not a time to get infuriated, except with those out to kill us.

I’m irritated seeing Marxists dismantling the country and equally irritated with Christian’s who are indifferent or ignorant to the threats we face.

God gave us the obligation of preserving our liberties – that’s our job, not His. It’s more than just voting or praying. It’s likely, more will be required of us in the days ahead.

I make no apologies for my patriotism and neither should you.

My next post, Part 3, with deal with the training principle but from a spiritual standpoint.

(1) 6 Badass Lines From Patton’s Famously Vulgar Speech, May 29, 2015 by Corey Adwar,;

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