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richard munch erich marcks the longest dayIn the movie “The Longest Day,” German General Erich Marcks, (played by actor Richard Munch) had a line in which he said; “In war, when you create a diversion its for a reason.

Tony Perkins (President of the Family Research Council) wisely pointed out that the Pentagon lifted the ban on allowing women in combat the same day Hillary Clinton testified before Congress on her role in the Benghazi attack.

This move by outgoing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta (a long time Clinton ally, and former Chief of Staff under President Bill Clinton), was done to take our eyes off of Mrs. Clinton – and it worked! Most of the nation, except for Perkins and a few others, focused on a policy that may take years to implement and made everyone forgot about the lies we were told following the deaths of four Americans in Libya.

These people never quit. They don’t care about military readiness, unit cohesion, or anything that makes for a good fighting force. Remember, the military is no place for social experiments. The objective is to destroy the enemy in a swift and aggressive manner – something we used to do very well.

The only thing our leaders are worried about is saving their own hides, and as Rush Limbaugh says, ‘waging war on the American people’ with policies such as this. people don’t care about anything but protecting and saving their own hides.



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  2. Susan Fulcher Says:

    Amen! And then Hillary is paraded on 60 minutes and hailed as the ‘best ever Secretary of State by our illustrious leader.

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