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UnknownJohn McCain joined two other Republican Senators and voted against repealing the unconstituional health care law. Americans continue to be misled by the Washington establishment that has no intention of keeping their word.


The only thing many in Washington are concerned with are their careers, legacies and over-inflated egos. They care nothing for the people who sent them there.

Let me give you an example of what it means to be a statesman and patriot, what it cost one man who cast the deciding vote to separate from Great Britian.

As the Congress “proceeded to the vote”, nine Colonies voted to split from the Crown. “Pennsylvania and South Carolina voted no, and New York abstained. Delaware was split, one delegate to one…any decision on the Declaration would have to be unanimous. It was decided that debate would resume the next morning, to be followed by another vote. In the meantime, to resolve the Delaware deadlock, which could well decide the outcome, an express was dispatched to Dover, the capital of Delaware, to fetch their third delegate, Caesar Rodney.rodney

“The express rider arrived at his farm at two in the morning, bearing word that debate would resume in less than seven hours, after which the final vote would be taken…Rodney galloped off into the pitch-black, stormy night. It was eighty-nine miles to Philadelphia, over stretches of road which were difficult under the best of conditions, and this night the conditions could not have been worse. Streams which were normally fordable with ease had become swollen torrents, and the rain had turned one portion of the road into a quagmire so deep that Rodney had to dismount and lead his horse through it, to avoid its being crippled.paul_reveres_ride

Unable to obtain a fresh change of horses until dawn, Rodney nevertheless arrived at the State House by 1:00 pm just as the final vote was being taken. Half-carried into the assembly room, he was barely able to speak: As I believe the voice of my constituents and of all sensible and honest men is in favor of independence, my own judgment concurs with them. I vote for independence.

The Delaware deadlock was broken…The Colonies had just become the United States of America.

There is a moving footnote to this anecdote…Caesar Rodney had cancer. It was disfiguring his face, and the only doctor in the world known to have any treatment for it was in England. Rodney had been planning a trip to England, to attempt to rid himself of this afflication. But by casting his vote for independence, he knew that the possibility of his being cured would be lost forever.(1)

John McCain has his own serious medical issues to deal with. Yet, the treatment he’s going to receive will be vastly different from yours.

You and I will not get the same treatment for illnesses that elites in DC will receive.

If you think you will, you better think again.

Call it what you want, its not liberty. You are not free.

Government has told us that they’ll decide who gets treated and who doesn’t – and which doctor you’ll be permitted to see.

McCain and the others in the Senate, unlike Caesar Rodney, put themselves, their careers and party first.11384832_1Caesar Rodney on the otherhand, put the wishes of his constituents first, voted for Independence and signed the Declaration – which came at a considerable cost.

That’s the kind of statemenship America lacks and we should be screaming against the despotic measures of what took place last week. But, we won’t do anything about it.

The states, and the people for that matter, lost enormous power in 1913 with the implementation of the 17th Amendment giving citizens the opportunity to vote for their Senators outright.

Initially, state legistures chose them to do the bidding of the states and the people.

If Woodrow Wilson, who was president at the time and a man who had no use for the Constitution, was a proponent of big government, along with being a racist who segregated the federal force work were alive, he’d be doing cartwheels.

Caesar Rodney would be shaking his head in disgust at us for giving up so easily what he and others fought so dearly for on our behalf.

(1) The Light and the Glory – Did God have a plan for America by Peter Marshall and David Manuel, p. 308-309, 368.


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