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hitler-24“I never dreamed that such cruelty, bestiality, and savagery could really exist in this world.” General Dwight D. Eisenhower – Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in World War II (1)

Once again, as more evidence came to light on Planned Parenthood’s butchery another mass shooting happens? Hmmm.

Then, the president rushes to a mike ranting about taking guns away. This from the guy who cut the deal with the Iranians that will make the United States the world’s largest state-sponsor of terrorism.

Obama’s agenda is to knock us from our super-power status, because he despises our heritage and Christian faith.

He knows Iran is responsible for killing and wounding thousands of American soldiers, and by failing to enforce existing immigration laws he’s stood-by as enemy combatants waltzed into the country to kill law-abiding Americans, including those in the armed forces.

And all we get from Obama is gun control while he arms up the enemy.Buchenwald01

After World War II was won, the Supreme Commander of Allied Forces, General Dwight D. Eisenhower, forced German citizens to walk through the camps to see what occurred as a result of turning their heads.

“Ike” gave orders for the citizens to bury the numbers of innocent people slaughtered by Hitler and his henchmen, and also ordered news outlets to report on these crimes so a record of evidence could be preserved for the rest of the world.

These mass shootings are not happening because of a flag, Southern heritage or guns. They’re happening because our leaders have implemented ungodly policies and have mocked God, telling Him we don’t need Him. When that happens, leaders get their heads handed to them along with and the people living there. Keep in mind, when judgment comes both good and bad are whacked.

We’re no different from Nazi Germany and should be ashamed because our fathers and grandfathers fought to stop the barbarism now being perpetrated by Planned Parenthood at tax-payer expense.220px-VolarydeadJews

Like those living in Hitler’s Germany we’ll go to church Sunday, raise our hands and sway while the music’s playing, under the illusion God is pleased while we ignore what’s taking place in abortion mills across the country.

It’s time we quit embracing every freak show popping-up in the nation and become concerned with upholding God’s honor, while preserving the future for our kids and grandkids.

If you think God is happy with us, think again (Revelation 3:16).


(1) Make Them Watch, by Bill Muhlenberg, 08-25-14,

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