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framingfox_2269_320883941-1As the war ramps up we find the enemy, The Marxists and Globalists, are well-funded, very organized and orchestrating events. It is no accident that Boston and Charlottsville were chosen.

By the way, they’re not “counter protestors”, they’re anarchists and enemies to the United States. Don’t be fooled by the title Mainstream Media (MSM) uses.

They say they’re against “bigotry and hate”, but they’ll never mention the carnage caused by Islamic radicals at Fort Hood, Chattanooga, Orlando and more recently, Barcelona.

First, it was the removal of God and all religious symbols and now they’re engaged in tearing down historical monuments.

Whether it’s messy or not, they’re revising American history.cross

If you’re saved, your spiritual history is messy because in Isaiah 64:6 our righteousness before God is equivalent to a filthy rag.

Look up the what some theologians have to say on the words “filthy rags” and try cleaning that up. You can’t.

We were totally depraved and bankrupt until Christ stepped in. At least, I was.

Next, like the Nazi’s, the anarchists will move to ban all literature and art. The Bible will continue to be in their sights as they continue attacking free speech on college campuses.Mt_Soledad_Veterans_Day_2015_t400

Their real intention according to Mark Levin, is the destruction of our Constitutional system.

Rush Limbaugh also weighed in and said these anarchists, along with their allies in MSM, are trying to wear us down with all the negative coverage on Civil War monuments.

They want to discourage us and make us think it’s not worth the effort to save the country.

One caller into Rush’s show had a great point: “When Donald Trump speaks he does the country a huge favor, because his words tend to show us who the enemy really is.”

Levin labels some, like Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and Ohio Governor, John Kasich, as “political exhibitionists.”

During his Thursday broadcast, Levin showed what a fraud McAuliffe is by telling listeners when McAuliffe ran for Governor of Virginia he came out and publicly supported keeping Civil War monuments.

Now that he’s contemplating a run for the White House, Levin pointed out he’s changed his tune and wants them torn down.

Marxists work in the dead of night like the people running the City of Baltimore. We caught their act in the Freddie Gray fiasco, and when they recently they took down monuments dedicated to the Rebs in their city last week.

Even though the Democrat Party is responsible for slavery and Jim Crow laws they’re never held accountable – especially now that they’re supporting and funding the anarchists groups wreaking havoc across the land.

Levin also say’s, we’re “letting the Left define us”.

By calling us names, the Left intimidates us and we become paralyzed by fear instead of standing for our rights and defending future generations – all because we don’t want to be called a racist.

Hey! I’ve been called a honky, a cracker and a few other choice names. Been spit on, yelled at, shot at and beat up.

Big freakin’ deal! So, call me names. What do I care? Preserving the country is paramount.

Ever study the life of Robert E. Lee? Ever read this book, which was taught to kids in public schools for years?257538

How about “Stonewall” Jackson? Know how he got that nickname? You might check into his life and see what prompted his men to honor him with such an affectionate title.Unknown-2

By the way, Ole’ Stonewall was instrumental in starting a reading program for black kids in Virginia.

Won’t hear that from MSM, either.

How about the book which tells of the massive revival in the Army of Northern Virginia? Why did that happen?Unknown-1

By the way, Rev. Jones was Lee’s personal chaplain.

I’ll take the likes of Lee, Stonewall, Longstreet and Bragg any day over the plunderers who are supposed to be representing us today.

We now know, as the caller into Rush’s show so brillantly pointed out, who some of the Leftist’s are.

It also appears that a number of people are bailing on the president.

However, former Arkansas Governor, Mike Huckabee, pointed out that there’s still a group sticking with President Trump. A small number of evangelical pastor’s are standing with and praying with and for President Trump.Screen-Shot-2015-09-30-at-11.16.23-AM

Recognize the guy standing behind President Trump with his hand on the his right shoulder? He’s a heavy-hitter in conservative, evangelical ciricles.

Some pundits think Mr. Trump should dump the GOP in 2020 and run as an Independent.

Not a bad idea. That would be neat! I’d enjoy watching all those blue-blood elites squirm at the possibility of a third party.

So, who needs the other guys if the pulpits are engaged (2 Chronicles 32:7-8)?

Let ’em go.

I’ll even hold the door open for them.

Let me tell you this from my perspective as a street cop. We tried to read the the mood of the streets as we patrolled the ghetto and here’s my take: People across America, the law abiding ones and patriots, are tired of these do-nothings who attack people and destroy property.lions_of_the_round_top_lg

Eventually, the actions by the Left will elicit a response from good Americans and when it does more bumping of the heads will commence.

Keep praying for peace, but be alert for what’s coming down the pike by way of the Marxists and other anarchist groups.

And as I said, the war will heat-up.

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