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365E84AE00000578-3694687-image-a-12_1468802693212It’s been a brutal ten weeks for the US. 3 massive hurricanes and a cluster of public attacks. Yet, many Christians never stop to consider God is trying to get our attention.

After the South Carolina church shooting in 2015, Marxist’s immediately went to work and used the tragedy as a pretext to sanitize the country of Confederate battle flags – something they do when erasing a nation’s history.


On September 25, 2017 a black man went into a predominately white church in Memphis, TN and shot the place up. Media hasn’t said very much about the note he left behind, his social media posts and radical affiliations leading to his crime. Why not?

On October 1, we had the mass shooting in Las Vegas. While the incident was still unfolding authorities provided the name of an Asian female (seen below), an acquaintance of the shooter said to be in the Philippines after getting a ton of money from him (Here’s one clue for you; “Follow the money trail”).bee9ba86bd58d7c2583a48bee39d96df

After the flurry of reporting the few days following, we hear nothing now.

Why is that?

By the way, have you noticed “the suit and the haircut” (the FBI agent) standing quietly behind Sheriff Lombardo as he delivers his updates?lvmpd-1

What’s he there for? What’s his name? Is Sheriff Lombardo incapable of holding a press conference alone?

How did authorities get the name of this lady so quick? Are you aware the Philippines are heavily populated with Muslims?

Did this lady schmoozle the boy to convert and follow allah?  Is it possible there is something more to this that the Fed’s may be trying to keep a lid on?

We may never know.

Another “ha-bi-bi” plows down a bunch of innocent bikers in NYC with a rented trunk. We we’re admonished not to rush to judgment and told by authorities it was another lone-wolf attack by an individual waging his own jihad.


Next, we have the slaughter of a congregation in a small Texas church and we’re given more information on the background of the bum responsible then we ever imagined.5a05d170e20f4.image

How is it that we have so much info on one incident, and next to nothing on others?

Attacks on Evangelical Christians and conservatives (or in this case maybe just members of the GOP) continue to increase.

Steve Scalise and Ron Paul are the two recent attacks I’m thinking about.

How about the ridicule Leftist’s engaged in when people stopped to pray after the Texas shooting?

Conservatives and Christians are in the crosshairs of the Marxists.

Reading the streets” is something I learned from good cops many, many years ago while patrolling the ghetto.  Now that I’m retired, I apply that principle to the news of the day.

There’s more to some of these shootings that we’re not being told. Why?

Good now called Evil – I wasn’t surprised Bo Berghdal received no jail time and may stand to get 300 thou in back pay after deserting his post. Keep in mind a number of US troops were killed and injured trying to locate him after initial reports were that he had been captured.

He should have been given a “twenty-one gun salute” (firing squad). (1)

Last week, a Marine Corps Drill Instructor (DI) was sentenced to ten years for brutalizing recruits at Parris Island – one of which, a Muslim, committed suicide.

The congresswoman pushing the case is from Michigan whose family has held that seat for almost 80 years.

Muslims are using our laws and Constitution against us to change the culture and give them what they want, when they want it.radical-islamists

I wonder how much dough CAIR (The Council of Arab Islamic Relations, which is really a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood) pumped into her campaign war chest?

When training soldiers or police officers, recreating the horrors of war or the situations officers face on the streets has it’s limitations.

You can only produce so much stress.

One will never experience all the craziness until they find themselves in the actual situation.

Firefights are drastically different from what takes place in controlled, scenario-based training exercises.

No matter how much training you do, the gunfight is never what you imagine it will be.

DI’s train recruits for what they may experience when going up against a very brutal and determined enemy.main-qimg-b982369061e51f1e1290c9ef9696f227-c

Training is desgined to be uncomfortable. It is meant to take the student to stressfully dark places, to places they have never been before, so when the bad boy in reality takes them there – it won’t be the first time experiencing stress.

The goal is “stress innoculation.” It’s teaching and training your people to win while engaged in the most horrific incidents they are likely to encounter on the battlefield and on the streets.

Our hallowed institutions, like the USMC, are being destroyed. I’m also concerned that many Marine Corps DI’s may pull back so as not to have their heads put on the chopping block when some member of Congress comes hunting for them.images-3

If this happens, the result will be more good kids getting killed on the battlefield.

After media reported on these two stories we learned that one of our soldiers, Sergeant La David Johnson, was executed by Islamic fascists after an ambush in some god-forsaken jungle of Africa.la_david_johnson_gofundme_24699826_15081847831111_funddescription-1508607346-2700

DI’s train recruits to withstand the horrible treatment of the enemy in boot camp to greatly enhance their chances of winning when they face the enemy on the battlefield.

Many years ago a young Marine told me that although boot camp is brutal; “It’s the safest place to be in the Marine Corps.”

In the meantime, our illustrious, ego-inflated representatives are working to harm us. Dave Trott (an outgoing congressman from Troy, Michigan) drafted legislation to eliminate certain accessories on rifles.

Debbie Dingell thinks she’s done something wonderful protecting recruits, especially those of the Muslim faith.

All the while, the enemy is using her to weaken us.

We’re at war with Islam like we were with Germany and Japan. Mark Levin has commented many times that if people like Dingell and others now in Congress were alive then, we’d all be doing the “Goose Step” or bowing down to the Rising Sun.anti_japanese_propaganda7-ww2shots

If Islam conquers the globe, which is what “Hadji” and his fellow jihadi’s hope to do and we lose this war, Dingell and other women will be wearing burqa’s.naira_t440

“All the while, Iran is on the move while gun control globalist politicans who voted for the Iran deal, which ensured they will have nukes in 10 years, have no problem with nuclear proliferation.” (2)

It all wreaks.

(1) Mark Levin; (2) Mark Levin, Daily Recap, The Mark Levin Show, 11-7-17


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