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Benghazi – One of the best radio talk show hosts in America is Mark Levin. I encourage you to listen each evening to his amazing insights regarding the issues we face.

Additionally, he is an expert on the Constitution and due to his fantastic legal mind, Levin belives the whole Benghazi affair “doesn’t require a lengthy investigation and can be answered with three questions” directed to President Obama:

  1. Where were you when you were contacted about Benghazi?
  2. When were you contacted about Benghazi?
  3. What order did you issue once you were contacted about Benghazi? (1)
Mark believes this would save the country a great deal of time and money. What remains to be seen is if our elected representatives will take up the President’s challenge to leave Susan Rice alone and go after him. We’ll see if Congress has what it takes.

Israel – So now the President has dispatched Secretary-of-State Hillary Clinton to the Mideast to bring about a cease fire between Israel and Hamas. Really? What makes the administration think they can bring stability to this conflict after botching Benghazi?

We hear the president say one thing, and watch as he does another. Even though Obama supports Israel publicly, speculation is that Clinton was sent there, not to pressure Hamas or Iran, but to threaten the Israelis by cutting off parts for their planes if they engage in a ground offensive. If Hamas is to be defeated, the Israeli’s must attack from the ground.(2)

Hey? Why would we even entertain thoughts that the Obama Administration has Israel’s best interests at heart? Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin, comes from a family who has deep roots inside the Muslim Brotherhood, while Egypt’s President Morsi, another guy attempting to broker peace, is also a card carrying member with them.


1)  The Mark Levin Show, 11-19-12. Catch the show live each evening (6 pm – 9 pm EST) on 77WABC Radio in New York or You can also catch replays of his shows on the web, too. For those animal lovers (both conservative and liberal) Mark has a rescue foundation for lost cats and dogs on his website you should look into.

(2) Source; Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North, USMC (Retired), on Hannity, 11-19-12, Fox News Channel.

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  1. Susan Fulcher Says:

    I wish we could light a fire under the House Investigation leaders with matches asking those very questions. I don’t think Israel will heed any words coming from our spineless and treasonous administration.

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