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Andrew_Jackson_9337Well, [The Chief Justice] has made his decision, now let him enforce it!President Andrew Jackson

David Barton writes, The “Supreme Court’s power must be called into question! We must reclaim from the courts our rights to be a republic, returning the judicial branch to its proper position-the least of three co-sovereign branches. The people of the nation not its courts, must control it destiny. Any national reforms which occur must be guided by the people, not the social engineering of an elite few.” (1)

In the old days, whenever the Court took powers not rightfully theirs, “the Founders quickly rose up and dramatically forced the Court back to its proper constitutional function.” (2)images

Our Founders (including James Madison, The Father of the Constitution and Thomas Jefferson) believed that “each branch (of government) not only had the ability, but indeed the sworn responsibility to interpret the Constitution for itself.” (3)

Jefferson and Madison’s “flat refusal to allow the Court to have the final word and to assume a power not rightfully theirs have provided a valuable precedent. In the Cherokee Indian Cases (1831-32) the court ruled (President Andrew) Jackson was to take certain actions.” (4)

Old Hickory refused to be ordered about, and so should we

Before a SC decision could be confirmed it needed legislative approval. Without that, there would be no check over the judiciary and “judges would be able to strike down laws or impose their own personal interpretations upon the nation.” (5)

As Mark Levin has schooled us, “Congress has enormous powers” over judicial decisions (see Article III Section 2.2). We have to apply pressure and you can read what that is below.

Even though Congress has this power, “Congress was not supreme over the nation. The check and balance over Congress was the people themselves. If the people felt their representatives were acting improperly they would replace them. As John Randolph of Virginia explained: The proper restraint was in the people themselves, who at the ballot box could “apply the Constitutional corrective.” (6)

So you see, you also have power and don’t have to have to allow this garbage being rammed down our throats.

Do you think the 56 men who placed their signatures on the Declaration did so with the intent to give a small few, including judges, absolute rule over them? Do you think they did this in order to bring a strong central government into being, one that disregarded the will of the people?

They threw off what we’re now living under.founding-fathers-declaration-of-independence-e1278425364618

Don’t be a wimp.

God wasn’t sweating it one bit last week, making me wonder if Christ was looking down the corridors of time to this day when he made the statement in Matthew 19:4-6; “Have you not read that He who made them at the beginning made them male and female, and said, For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh? So then, they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore, what God has joined together, let not man separate.

You have to give credit to the Left, they fight with all their might for temporal causes, while many of us who call ourselves Christians, sit back and do nothing for the “advancement the Christian faith” –  for the eternal causes. (7)

We’re in the same boat the Founder’s we’re when the Declaration came into being, living under now what some call a “soft-tyranny.”

We’re up against “a federal leviathan” to quote Levin, but we still have the same God on our side that our forefathers relied on – The Creator, The Supreme Judge of the World and Divine Providence who we can go to for strength, protection, wisdom and direction.

Question is do we have the will to do it and turn things around for the next  generation?

Our Founders fought at great risk to themseves and we should do the same for the next generation. They didn’t compromise when it came to freedom and neither should we.5_revwar_10

Remember, The Lord hasn’t set up His kingdom yet, but He’s coming. We can be confident and move to take our nation back until His return. After all He wins (1 Timothy 6:11-16, look it up yourself)!

Let this motto from the War for Independence be ours; “We fight, we get beat and we rise and fight again.”275px-Battle_of_Guiliford_Courthouse_15_March_1781

“Embrace Liberty!” (8)

There are still many good things about America worth fighting for.

(1-6). The Myth of Separation: A revealing look at what the Founders and early Courts really said, Chapter 16 – When Three Percent was A Majority, pages 237-244,  by David Barton; (7). The Mayflower Compact; (8). Mark Levin,, 06-30-15.


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