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images-1The indictment of Texas Governor Rick Perry, a “popular and successful” governor, resembles “Soviet style tactics” in order to destroy an honorable and courageous man. (1)

This particular incident started with the arrest of Travis County (Texas) District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg who was snatched by cops for drunk driving, had an open bottle of booze in her ride, and then blew three times over the legal limit.

While in custody, the jail video shows she was very uncooperative, disorderly (kicking lock-up doors) and was restrained for safety reasons. She was found guilty and did forty-five days.

Lehmberg is said to be a hard, left-leaning politician who’s office runs the state’s Public Integrity Unit, where part of her job is to weed out and prosecute cases of government corruption. Ooops!

Governor Perry urged her to step down, and when she didn’t he used his power under the Texas Constitution to defund the unit. He also indicated he would replace the disgraced D.A. with her close aide.

Politics, Sure!

Criminal, No!

The Texas legislature didn’t raise a stink over this, but the Travis County D.A. (under Lehmberg) did, convening a grand jury resulting in Perry’s indictment for abuse of power. Really?

There have been other politicians subjected to such treatment in order to destroy them, something Rush Limbaugh calls, “criminalizing the opposition.”

But let’s talk about authentic abuse of power:

President Obama has abused his and the Supreme Court has spanked him for it. (2)

Harry Reid has deliberately destroyed the operation of the Senate, been involved in his ownjohn_adams_quote questionable “business” dealings, and is currently sitting on over three-hundred bills passed by the House. (3)

Nancy Pelosi used tax-payer money to benefit her own family (See link below). (4)

Activist judges, including the Supreme Court, Congress and once again the Travis County D.A., have also done the same.

Do you think the indictment is coincidence after Perry stood up to Obama and secured the Texas border when he wouldn’t? Think again.

The rule of law is collapsing in America (and by design), but if you don’t think so take a look a Missouri.

A number of those residents got the “hope and change” they voted for, and in the process countless of other innocent blacks have been forced to watch their town disintergrate after the national media and fed’s did a hit job on the town’s police force.

The hell with the facts, these thugs want instant justice. Wonder how many FBI agents Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder assigned to Fast and Furious, the IRS Scandal, the VA or Benghazi? (5)

(“The two events that Eric Holder is most defined by before becoming attorney general were his key roles while in the Clinton administration in obtaining freedom for members of the Puerto Rican nationalist terrorist group known as the FALN (also known as the Armed Forces of National Liberation).  Holder would later follow that by facilitating a pardon for fugitive billionaire Marc Rich.“) (6)

So what kind of justice do you think that cop in Ferguson, right or wrong, is going to get with the self-described ‘activist attorney general’, running things?

Now the cops are corrupt in a town we never of heard of until last week.

There’s also more at stake here than cops wearing digi cam’s and carrying SCAR’S. It’s how the federal government is inserting itself into local control, striking at the heart of our republic, even before Internal Affairs has completed their investigation.

With all the straw men and women in power today, do you think they’ll tell the fed’s to butt out in future matters? I don’t think so, because all they have to do is point to Governor Perry.

And once the Fed’s snatch a piece of liberty, in this case local control (‘consent of the governed’ or a government of, by and for the people our following the rule of law), we’ll never get it back. This too, is also part of the ‘fundamental trasnformation.’

As our system of justice deteriorates maybe in future cases we should consider laying the accused face down in the street for all to see, and then have someone put a round in the back of their head.

At least it would be more humane.

(1) Mark Levin, 08-15-14; (2) Ibid; (3) Ibid; (4) Ibid; (5) Rush Limbaugh on the Rush Limbaugh Show, 08-19-14 on the EIB Network; (6) The Ethics of Eric Holder by Ronald Kolb, 12-04-11 American Thinker.

3 Comments to “Governor Perry and Ferguson, Missouri”

  1. Karon Mathews Says:

    I am unspeakably angry, but not surprised, at Rick Perry’s indictment. The man has backbone and has governed his state well. He has been resilient in the face of federal government malfeasance, doing what he, as governor, was bound to do by his oath of office. This indictment is another liberal smokescreen to turn public attention from what is going on along our southern borders, in Missouri and in Iraq. Alas, Austin is not the city I grew up and went to school in since the progressives staked out their tents.

  2. Susan Fulcher Says:

    Perry’s situation is nothing but politics. He took the border situation into his own hands; Obama and Holder see this as a slap in the face. (Actually I wouldn’t mind slapping their faces with a baseball bat!) Holder is sent to Missouri so Obama can play some rounds of golf uninterrupted while Missouri and Iraq burn. Neither deserve the office they hold.

  3. Brian Moore Says:

    As Russia said today, “America take care of your own house”. We need to make sure that we are looking to God before we can help others around the world. I’m sure they were just taking a jab at the U.S. but sometimes when someone tries to make a joke of and issue there is real truth that can be found in it.

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