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fake-hurricane-picThere’s no political solution to what’s going on in the world because our elected officials are looking in the wrong places.

Some are outright enemies intent on selling us out and need to be tossed, because they’re doing business against “the consent of the governed.”

The atrocities now taking place in the Middle East and Africa have “many parallels to the early 1930’s” when the Nazi’s were on the move. (1)

Back home we have our share of modern-day, Nazi sympathizers.

On Friday, the U.S. Attorney in Detroit stood with members of the local CAIR chapter demanding hearings after a report claimed Dearborn is home to the second-largest number of suspected terrorists.

CAIR is a criminal front group, and judging by the article it appears another do-gooder has been duped into supporting the bad guys.

If CAIR were so concerned with human rights they would have spoken-up for those being slaughtered, but by their silence they loudly endorse what’s taking place. And in the process, they may have conned another stooge to help carry their water.

There’s another way to look at this, though. A lowly U.S. attorney does not have authority to make such statements unless given the green light from Washington beforehand. Which means, what she said was approved by Obama.

On Thursday, the president addressed the nation telling us he was authorizing ‘limited’ air strikes in Iraq to save moderate muslim’s, Christians and secularists on the verge of being wiped out.

(Hmmmm. Why is it o.k. for Obama to bomb on behalf of another country, and then condemn Israel for protecting their’s? Quite the double-standard, don’t ya’ think?)

As Obama spoke his head and eyes shifted back and forth numerous times, and I noticed he wasn’t looking into the camera. I thought this was odd and wondered who he was looking at, but Bill Wilson offers a better take of what he believes was taking place.

After he couldn’t wait to yank our forces out of the country, Obama has the audacity to tells us this latest venture will be ‘long-term project.” All of this from a president who lost a war already won!

Some elites in Washington are calling for ground troops, but if they want this let them send their own kids in to fix what Obama and the Democrat party deliberately destroyed.

Any loss of American life should be laid at the feet of Obama and other party loyalists to1247611612 numerous to mention.

No matter how much anyone encourages you to get involved, nothing is going to change unless Christians engage by first appealing to God for His intervention.

Pastors across America must take a more aggressive role because national security is at stake  – which means countless souls could be lost without ever coming to know Christ.

I believe they also have a duty to point out when our leaders are wrong, while preaching from scripture the duty of citizens to stand in defense of their country.

Should Jesus tarry – and if this ISIS tide is not stemmed – a new darkness will settle upon the earth for hundreds of years.” (2) Just as if it would have been had the Nazi’s won.

Obama speaks out of both sides of his mouth. On one hand, his US attorney signals they’ll help CAIR and on the other, he’ll be sending help to the very people CAIR, HAMAS and ISIS want to obliterate.

Things are upside-down because “our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.”(3) Why should we expect anything different after raising a generation of kids, and electing a president, who know nothing (or care) of God’s providential rule?

The enemy has their sights on America and wants us to bow under their crescent. Back in Detroit this weekend many are more interested in scouting Woodward Avenue for prime spots to view the Dream Cruise from, or whether Johnny Manziel cuts it as an NFL quarterback.


(1) Levin, 8-8-14; (2) Bernie Mostert, Capitol Hill Prayer Partners 08-10-14; (3) John Adams.

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  1. Susan Fulcher Says:

    Obama has no national defense knowledge or strategy. He’s come to the point in the road where he must turn right or left, and he has absolutely no idea or wherewithal to make the decision which way to go. Obviously none on his team knows how to direct him either. D.C. is a national defense disaster!

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