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img457387The world looks a lot like the 1930’s but there’s no Eisenhower, Churchill, or Truman on the world stage. Radical Islam is wreaking havoc in the middle east with it’s disciples slaughtering people by the thousands (shooting and dumping bodies in mass graves like the Nazi’s did) while ‘mutilating the genitalia of females’. (1)

Christians are in their sights but our president say’s nothing – except to phone Benjamin Netanyahu demanding Israel stop bombing Hamas back into the stone age.

The world continues piling on the Israeli’s but has anyone, including Obama, made a peep about Christians being targeted?

Mosab Yousef, son of Hamas’ Founder, stated ‘Israel is fighting on behalf of the world’, while Obama deliberately takes America down the wrong road, siding with a terrorist group who’s M.O. is to use women and children as human shields en route to their global caliphate.

A number of Palestinian casualties have resulted from the poor quality of rockets being used by Hamas, but you’ll hear nothing from mainstream media or the “valley girls” at the state department on this – only condemnation of Israel. (2)

America will not come away unscathed if President Obama continually ignores “self-evident” truth (Galatians 6:7). Whether you like it or not, whether it’s preached it or not, whether you believe it or not Genesis 12:1-3 applies to the present conflict. And the actions Obama takes, either for or against Israel, will determine whether or not God spanks us.

Read 1 Chronicles 21 after David took a census and pay close attention to verse 21. God holds nations accountable for the stands a leader takes on issues. Keep that in

The prophetic players appear to be moving in place while Israel is “surrounded by nations that hate them and facing growing anti-Semitism around the world” – one being led by President Obama and his minions, along with the stooges in media. (4)

(1) Mark Levin, 07-30-2014; (2) ibid, 07-29-2014; (3) Hamas Rockets Exploding in Gaza Strip by Abraham Rabinovich, The Washington Free Beacon, 07-31-2014; (4) The FRC Prayer Team, 07-31-14.

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  1. Phyllis Says:

    It seems so unthinkable that that most of the world believes the lies of Hamas and their allies. I have to believe that God has hardened their hearts – no other explanation seems reasonable for such great delusion.

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