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Founding_Fathers_Stand_Against_Tyranny_1776Every year around the 4th, some chucklehead stands up in their local church to thank God for America’s greatness and the liberties that go with it.

They’re sincere but stupid, more concerned whether they’ll have enough mustard to plop on the brats at the family barbecue.

Like Samson, they’re oblivious “the Lord departed” from the nation.

Matthew Henry explains; “Many have lost the favorable presence of God and are not aware of it; they have provoked God to withdraw from them, but are not sensible of their loss, nor ever complain of it. Their souls languish and grow weak, their gifts wither, everything goes cross with them; and yet they impute not this to the right cause: they are not aware that God has departed from them, nor are they in any care to reconcile themselves to Him or to recover His recover.” (1)

Samson’s was the nation’s figurehead and was told to put the boots to the bad boys once and for all. However, he didn’t finish the job (Judges 1:5).

George Mason told us God’s spanks or blesses nations based on the stands leaders take. We also know Samson had a thing for the ladies, and that distraction cost him and the country big time.

During the final hours of Saul’s life, unlike Samson, he was aware God departed from him and had become a formidable enemy (1 Samuel 28:16).

When that happens guys like Samson, Saul and American presidents get their heads handed to them, along with the rest of the nation. Henry continues to warn “they have thrown themselves out of God’s protection and become an easy prey to their enemies.” (2)

These three men who signed the Declaration didn’t do it in order for the country to becomes what it is now.

Francis Lewis – The British arrested his wife and held her in a cell for over two years without a bed orParkers_Revenge -300x300 change of clothes.

Richard Stockton – Was thrown into prison where he was beaten and left crippled. The British destroyed his home and he died in 1781.

Thomas Heyward, Jr – The British destroyed his home and put him in prison, during that time his became ill and died before his release.

These three might be inclined to crank rounds at us for squandering what they gave us, and who could blame them.

“There comes a time when patriotism must take hold for the nation to survive”. (3)

If not, we’ll lose what these men died for. As President Ronald Reagan reminded us; “They sacrificed to make it (America) our inheritance.” (4)

(1). Matthew Henry – A Commentary on the Whole Bible, Volume 2 Judges-Esther (Judges 15:20), p. 221; (2). Ibid; (3). Dan Stein, President of FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) on the Mark Levin Show, 6-30-14. (4). Ronald Reagan, July 4, 1983 Speech.

The painting at the lower right is entitled Parker’s Revenge by Don Trioiani depicting the British retreat at the Battle of Lexington, April 19, 1775.

One Comment to “When God Becomes Your Enemy”

  1. Deborah Says:

    Another well written, perfectly timed commentary Steve.

    As I pondered the above quote: “There comes a time when patriotism must take hold for the nation to survive”. (3) It occurred to me, if all of those who ‘name the Name of Christ’ actually lived what we say we believe, THAT is what would cause our nation to change course, ultimately causing it not just to ‘survive’, but to thrive!

    It is my rather humble/uneducated opinion, that it is not so much a need to return to patriotism (as desirable as this concept is) as it is a need to ‘return to our first love’. When our hearts (evidenced by the way we live our lives) are properly set toward GOD, then everything else will take it’s proper place. Better that we be on the LORD’s side, than on the side of mere men <3

    Anne Graham Lotz is right on track, I believe:

    Thank-you dear brother,
    Deborah H.

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