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Poutin_n-300x163Our fathers brought America into being when the world was ruled by tyrants and kings.

America is blessed in so many ways…with freedoms, prosperity, and equality that others yearn for and often risk their lives to attain. But this nation didn’t become what it is through blind chance, and it cannot be sustained by wishful thinking. 

Throughout the past two centuries, more people have risked their fortunes, their families, and their very lives in order to come to America than any other country in the world. What draws them to our shores? The chance for a life marked by freedom, dignity, and possibility a better future for their descendants.

But in America today, those very freedoms are in peril. A nation once marked by a spirit of cooperation and hope has become one marked by self centeredness, greed, and apathy. We want to enjoy the benefits of liberty without assuming the responsibility to defend that liberty from tyranny.

We want to enjoy peace and prosperity without guarding against the slow, insidious erosion of our commitment to the common good that comes with our growing sense of entitlement. And while we are otherwise distracted, our freedoms are slipping away without a fight as we seem out of tune with God and out of touch with reality.(1)

Many currently holding office believe they’re lords and ladies with the right to rule over us.

On Wednesday, House Democrats demanded “the elimination of due process and demanding that the Attorney General have dictatorial powers with their sit in on the House floor.(2)

This ilk, many of whom are card carrying Marxists, launched an attack on the Bill of Rights using street tactics from the 1960‘s.

They’re not representatives, they’re street thugs turning the nation into a banana republic. Those living in Michigan need to know a number of House Democrats from tri-county area played a huge role in this charade.

Many American’s are jumping up and down thinking the Supreme Court spanked Obama on immigration. In a way they did, however, the sinister thing behind this decision is that four judges, all Lefty’s, ruled the president can write laws.

The Court also decided in favor of the University of Texas, Affirmative Action plan in a 5-3 vote. As a result, diversity will now be compelled in college classrooms. These Justices voted for discrimination in violation of the 14th amendment equal protection clause.” (3)

Do you think Sam Adams and the boy’s would have stood for this? If the wrong person gets elected, we’re one judge away from more of this.

There are some evil people in Washington who want to take your gun away. If they succeed, we’ll be at their mercy and where the Founder’s were when they kicked the king out of the country.

Look at the character of these politicans and while you’re at it, don’t discount the racial component motivating some. Many will shiver at this in this PC day and age, but you better listen to me on this.

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Hillary Clinton and Mitch McConnellUnknown-4

God is testing our faith to see how deep it really is. If we want to remain free it’s up to us, not those corrupt bastards in Washington.

Many should start reading the Bible they carry under their arm into church or on their little gadget to see what I’m talking about.

Many don’t know what’s inside or what our responsibilities are as citizens.

Actions like we saw in the House will continue to escalate and you better inform yourself while we have the opportunity to recover.

(1) David Jeremiah, Love from Your Pastor, Shadow Mountain Community Church, 06-24-16; (2) Mark Levin,, Daily Recap, 06-22-16; (3) Mark Levin,, 06-23-16, Daily Recap;

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