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tyranny-tj-and-obamaIn Mark 12 Jesus told the religious rulers that He knew they wanted to kill Him.

According to Dr. McGee, Christ indicted them before the crime occurred. (1) They wanted to kill Christ then and there, but didn’t because they feared the people.*

According to Matthew Henry, the religious leaders and politicians like Pilate, knew “if they should offer to lay violent hands on Christ, whom all held for a prophet…They were awed, not by fear of God, but by fear of the people; all their concern was for their own safety, not God’s honor.” (2)

It’s important for Americans to be resolute and insist on accountability from our elected officials, while demanding they respect our rights. This is not happening, because some are corrupt or the majority have been in Washington for so long they don’t care about anything, except protecting or extending their careers. Right and wrong no longer matter (Isaiah 5:20).

With the number of scandals, lies and manufactured crisis occurring around us, Americans should be screaming (Matthew 26:5).

The threshold for impeachment has been met, but it’s only a question of whether the American people call for it and have the stomach (along with Congress) to see it through. Once we put heat on our representatives they should get the idea, or risk the same fate as Eric Cantor and be shown the door.tyranny_-_montesquieu

Private property rights are under assault when the government steals our health care, or tells private businesses, like the LA Clippers and Washington Redskins, how they must operate. The feds think it’s o.k. to eliminate our rights whenever it conflicts with the agenda they’re shoving down our throats. (3)

“This is what tyranny looks like.” (4)

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* (See Matt 21:26, 26:5; Mk 11:32, 12:12, 14:2, 15:15; Lk 20:6, 19 and 23:2)

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    TREASON. Not: impeachment.

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